The Yankees are a betting system in which four selections are combined in six double bets, four trebles and one quadruple. Find out how the Yankee bets work, how to place these types of bets and how they are paid.
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Every player has their own sports betting strategy. There are those who go by asian handicaps, others bet on goals, points, etc.; some opt to place simple bets within a specific odds range, and finally, there are those who go for multiple bets, specifically system bets. This is a type of bet that includes several selections that are combined together, resulting in different types of bets; and among the different system bets are the Yankee bets.

What are Yankee bets

Yankee is a betting system that includes four selections and eleven combined bets: six doubles, four trebles, and one fourfold. As there are 11 different bets, the amount wagered will automatically be multiplied by 11 since we indicate the amount bet on each of them, not the total. Thus, betting one unit means we are playing 11 (1x11); betting 0.5 units puts 5.5 units into play (0.5x11). Example:

  • Bet A: Villarreal - Eibar. Villarreal wins @ 1.53$
  • Bet B: Celta-Valencia - Valencia. AH 0 @ 2.20$
  • Bet C: Real Sociedad - Real Madrid. +3.5 goals @ $2.70
  • Bet D: Atlético de Madrid - Barcelona. Draw @ 3.20$

First of all, we will have six double bets including all possible combinations among the four selections we have made:

  • Double Bet 1: Bet A + Bet B [odds 3.37]
  • Double bet 2: Bet A + Bet C [odds 4.13]
  • Double bet 3: Bet A + Bet D [odds 4.90]
  • Double Bet 4: Bet B + Bet C [odds 5.94]
  • Double Bet 5: Bet B + Bet D [odds 7.04]
  • Double bet 6: Bet C + Bet D [odds 8.64]

These six double bets are added to the four possible triple combinations:

  • Triple bet 1: Bet A + Bet B + Bet C [odds 9.08]
  • Triple Bet 2: Bet A + Bet B + Bet D [odds 10.77]
  • Triple bet 3: Bet A + Bet C + Bet D [odds 13.22]
  • Triple bet 4: Bet B + Bet C + Bet D [odds 19.01]

Finally, we have a quadruple bet that includes all four selections:

  • Quadruple bet: Bet A + Bet B + Bet C + Bet D [odds 29.08]

How to make a yankee bet

Seen this way, placing a Yankee bet seem difficult, but nothing could be further from the truth. Just go to your bookmaker's sportsbook and add the four selections to the bet slip as if you were placing a traditional accumulator. The bet slip will show you the different system bets available (trebles, doubles, Yankee, Lucky 15), so you will need to indicate the amount to bet on each selection in your Yankee. Before placing it, remember to check the total amount bet, as the indicated figure is multiplied by 11.

How Yankee bets are paid

Now we only need to know the most important thing: how Yankee bets are settled. Like any system bet, the 11 bets are settled independently based on the successful bets. Void bets or canceled bets count as any regular accumulator, transforming the fourfold into a treble, the trebles into doubles, and the doubles into single bets.

Just guessing two selections is enough to start earning, although it will hardly be enough to cover the investment, something we can achieve with three correct guesses. If you get all four correct, you win it all:

  • 4 hits: the 11 combined bets are winners.
  • 3 hits: three doubles and one triple are winners.
  • 2 correct guesses: one double is a winner, the rest of the bets are losers.
  • 1/0 correct guesses: all 11 combined bets are losers.


Imagine that we have made the previous Yankee bet and have correctly guessed bets A, B, and D. The winning bets are double 1 (A+B), 3 (A+D), and 5 (B+D), and the triple 2 (A+B+D).

If only selections B and C are correct, only the double 4 bet (B+C) will be the winner.


It is true that system bets like Yankees are losing popularity, but we cannot ignore that if you master them, they are a very interesting betting strategy in the long run. Yankee bets are very versatile, allowing Philippines to combine bankers with a slightly riskier underdog, protecting the bet to some extent if any selection goes wrong.


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