The underdog is the contender who is not favored in the bets, but who also has a chance of winning. In the short term, they are not very effective, but in the long term it can be a profitable strategy, provided you know how to develop it.
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what is underdog

When we bet, we look for the best market and generally stick with the favorite. At first glance, betting against the favorite seem like money lost although in the world of sports anything is possible. There are users and strategies that look for greater value precisely in bets against the favorite, that is, in the underdog, the contender that is not favored in the bets but also has options. Underdog is a term that, like many others in the world of betting, comes from the horse betting.

What are underdog bets

Underdog bets are those that are less likely to come out, since instead of betting on the favorite we bet on the other candidate for victory. In other words, it is betting on the team with the least chance of winning. The great attraction of this type of bet is that they offer Philippines fairly high odds, and the player must thoroughly analyze whether or not it is worth entering the underdog. As in any bet, this study of the bet is key. Do not confuse this term with funbet, whose options are much more limited.

Markets with underdog bets

Although as we have said its origin is in horse racing, we find underdog bets in all kinds of sports and markets. The most common thing is to do it in 1X2 or match winner bets. For example, in a Liverpool-Basel Champions League match, it seems clear that the reds will be the favorites and Basel the underdog. The same thing happens in tennis with a Nadal-Zverev. A good example of an underdog is Donald Trump: in the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton was the betting favorite, but Trump prevailed at the polls.

In a way, you can also talk about underdog in over/under bets, although it is usual to do it in the confrontations between two contenders. Of course, the number increases in events such as horse racing or greyhounds, cycling or motoring . In events like Formula 1, where starting from pole position is key, we can find good underdogs. A special case is that of greyhounds, where the favorite hardly meets the forecasts and it is easy for an underdog to take the victory.

How to bet on an underdog

As we said before, betting on an underdog requires a good analysis of the bet since we can find factors that favor the underdog, such as the favorite having an injury or sanction, coming from playing during the week or have another game in two or three days, the fact of playing at home or away... In addition to analyzing the bet in depth, we propose a series of tips for betting on an underdog:

  • Low Stake: you have to bet a small amount of money only on value bets, where you see an odds is higher than it should after doing a thorough analysis of the bet.
  • Prepare to fail: In most cases, you will lose the underdog bet although when one comes up it is easy for you to recover the amount invested in underdogs. This brings Philippines to the next point.
  • Medium and long-term strategy: if you want short-term results, forget about underdogs and look for sure bets. On the other hand, if you look at the medium or long term the underdogs can increase your bank.
  • Bet on markets you dominate: going for an underdog in markets you don't dominate is throwing money away. Only knowledge of the market and of the participants will allow you to hunt underdogs and get the maximum profitability to your bets.


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