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One of the ways bookmakers have to attract new customers is super odds, one of those trains that only come by once in a lifetime and you have to know how to choose. Next we are going to discover everything you need to know about super odds, a tool with which you can enter a bookmaker through the front door, with a good number of free bets under your arm that will make more interesting -and profitable- your experience in that bookie.


According to article 13 of Royal Decree 958/2020, of November 3, on commercial communications of gambling activities, promotions to attract new customers are prohibited, regardless of the conditions of the promotion.

As we can see in the table, not all bookmakers ofrecen las mismas supercuotas ni para los mismos eventos, pero siempre es interesante comparar cómo se pagan en cada casa de apuestas. De cara a tu primera apuesta te recomendamos aprovechar una de estas supercuotas para aumentar tus ganancias, aunque te vamos a explicar un poco más a fondo cómo funcionan las supercuotas.

What are super quotas?

As the name suggests, super odds or mega odds are odds that are above the conventional betting market, where new players are paid more than the rest of the users. It is a reward for bettors who come to a bookie and thus find a very attractive odds for their first bet. Usually, these are bets on the 1X2 market where the victory of one of the two teams is rewarded.

When it comes to a promotion targeted towards new users, we need to take advantage of it and be confident that the bet will be successful. Thanks to a enhanced odds promotion, we can easily win money in free bets, and they are always compatible with the welcome bonus. Not all betting sites offer enhanced odds promotions, nor do they offer the same ones or for the same events every day. However, it is clear that for a Barça-Real Madrid match, the Champions League or the World Cup final, they will offer it to us.

Although football dominate most of the enhanced odds offers, you can also find such promotions for basketball or tennis matches, tennis tournaments, motorcycle races, or Formula 1 events... There is a whole universe of enhanced odds waiting for you, and the most important thing to succeed is to carefully read the terms and conditions of the promotion and compare. Below, we will discover how enhanced odds work in different bookmakers that offer them.

How do super quotas work?

The first thing you should know is that each betting house is different, but in the operation of super odds they usually coincide. They appear a few days before the game or event in question, and the first thing the player must do is register. Check the terms and conditions for the code with which you will activate the super odds when entering the betting house. Next, you must make a minimum deposit and a first bet, usually limited to $10, in the market of the super odds.

These bets are usually simple bets made with real money before the match, we cannot take advantage of the higher odds by betting live. You should also know that the higher odds are not paid entirely in real money, but usually the equivalent of the market odds are paid in real money and the remaining amount to complete the higher odds is in the form of free bets, which have their own conditions to be played. Once again, the terms and conditions of the higher odds will clarify any doubts.

For any questions related to super odds or mega odds, use the comments section of this news ;)

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    As a general rule, super odds are an incentive offered by betting shops to their new users, although there are houses like Kirolbet, Suertia or Paf that have an 'improved odds' section for all their users.

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    Are super quotas only for new users?

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    I didn't know that Kirolbet also offered super odds for new users. Thanks for the info.

    • Reply

      Actually, Kirolbet's super-odds are for all users, that is, both for new customers and for existing Kirolbet customers. Although they are not exclusive for new clients, we put them in the comparator because some are worth it and we believe that it is valuable information for the user ;)

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