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One of the aspects that leads a player to opt for a bookmaker or for another are the Betting shops or welcome bonuses they have. We all like things to give us, and if it's money to bet on our team, much better. Each house offers its bonuses, and decides the conditions and the amount with which they reward their future clients. The launch of new products, promotions or special events are other occasions in which the houses bet on the bonuses.

Welcome bonus basics

Before choosing between the different betting house bonuses available, whether for sports betting, casino or poker, we recommend that you have these three concepts clear:

  • Initial deposit: amount of money that is deposited for the first time. Many betting houses use it to calculate the bonuses and promotions they offer, and it be necessary to deposit a minimum amount to access them.
  • Welcome bonus: is the additional amount of money that the casino offers Philippines for playing on their platform. Usually, to benefit from it, we need to make a minimum initial deposit, and to withdraw our winnings, we have to meet the rollover requirement.
  • Rollover: when we have a bonus, we must comply with the rollover, essential conditions to withdraw the money we have won with the bonus. In the bonus terms and conditions, we will find all the information, but it can range from minimum bets to playing a certain amount of money or a certain number of bets.
  • Deadline: legally, betting houses must wait 30 days after the user's registration to offer promotions such as the welcome bonus.
  • Document Verification: it is essential to have your account verified, among other things, in order to access the bonus. This way, the casinos can check that the user who receives the bonus is not included in self-exclusion programs or has a risky gambling behavior.

Types of bookmaker bonuses

There are different types of betting bonuses: the most common are those that offer a percentage of the player's first deposit at free bets (in some cases it can be 100%, in other cases it will be 50% or 200%... each company is different), but we also find no deposit bookmaker bonuses, others that multiply the winnings of the first bet or return it to you if you lose, there are companies where sports betting bonuses are combined with bonuses for slots or casino.

Undoubtedly, the type of bonus offered to Philippines will be one of the reasons that leads Philippines to choose one sports betting site over another. If you are only interested in sports betting, it doesn't make much sense to receive welcome bonuses for sports betting + casino, although it is also true that we can always give up the part that does not interest Philippines and keep the sports betting bonus. The value and type of bonus are two of the factors that lead Philippines to decide which are the best bonuses for sports betting sites, but there are more.

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One of the keys to getting the most out of betting bonuses is to carefully examine the terms and conditions of the operator. As we have already mentioned, not all operators function in the same way, so it is important to carefully read these conditions to avoid surprises, enter the correct code, and place the first bet that meets the conditions to get the bonus. To take advantage of the bonus, it is also important to know which bets and markets it can be used for, as we not always be able to use the bonus on what we want.


According to article 13 of Royal Decree 958/2020, dated November 3, regarding commercial communications on gaming activities, as of 1, 2021, betting bonuses will not be available until 30 days have passed since registration, provided that your account has been verified.

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Regulation on betting bonuses in Philippines

With the entry into force of Royal Decree 958/2020, since 1, 2021, betting houses cannot offer Philippines any type of bonus until 30 days have passed since our registration. Within this period, we have to verify the account to access the bonus. On the one hand, bookmakers ensure that no user tries any trick to take advantage of a welcome bonus they have already used; on the other hand, bookmakers can ensure that the user is eligible and not subject to any type of exclusion.


Like everything else, betting house bonuses have their strengths and weaknesses. Among the strengths are that they allow Philippines to play any game for free or enjoy free bets, that the houses and rooms recognize our loyalty with interesting promotions, and the possibility to get familiar with different games. Among the weaknesses, the conditions they sometimes impose to obtain the bonuses, use them, withdraw the money, etc. stand out, so we emphasize once again that it is essential to read the terms and conditions of each bonus and promotion.

Frequently asked questions about betting bonuses

What are the best betting shop bonuses?
It is probably the most difficult question to answer, since different factors influence it, starting with the type of player you are. What do you prefer, a bonus that gives you a large amount of money but with horrific release conditions or a bonus with less money but much easier to release? Each welcome bonus has a specific format, but the perfect bonus will provide a first deposit percentage of 100% or more, have a high limit, and be easy to clear.
What does it mean to release the bonus?
When a bookmaker offers you a welcome bonus -or any other type- it includes conditions that you must meet in order to transform that bonus into winnings that you can withdraw. This process of transforming the bonus into withdrawable money is known as releasing the bonus or complying with the rollover. Among these conditions, which appear in the fine print of the terms and conditions, are the amount or minimum bet fee, the number of bets, the term it gives us, markets included, etc.
Do I have to use a code to take advantage of the bonus?
No. Each bookmaker is different, and this is the best example. In some bookies you will have to enter the corresponding code to activate the bonus -and in some to also take advantage of the super quotas-, especially when they have several welcome bonuses. You have to read the fine print well to know if it is necessary to enter a code for registration, since if you do not enter it, the bookmaker will interpret that you reject the bonus.
Can I discard the welcome bonus?
Yes, any player can decline the welcome bonus. Some betting shops offer Philippines directly the possibility of accepting or discarding it, while in others you have to enter a code to activate it, so if you don't put it in, the welcome bonus will not arrive. If you see that the bookmaker has assigned you a welcome bonus that you do not want and does not offer you the possibility of rejecting it, you can ask customer service to deactivate it.
What happens if I do not meet the conditions of the bonus?
All bonuses are subject to a series of conditions: rollover or release, minimum bet, amount of bets, the period that the bookmaker gives Philippines to release it... If you do not meet the bonus conditions, the bookmaker will finish you withdrawing the bonus and the profits that you have been able to obtain with it -those obtained with your initial deposit will remain intact-. Until you meet the bonus conditions you will not be able to withdraw funds.

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