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Everything you need to know about accumulator bets: what they are, types of accumulator bets, how to make multiple bets, tips and much more!
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When it comes to making our bets, the possibilities we have are almost infinite. Betting houses offer Philippines a large number of sports, sporting events, and markets within each event so that we can find the bet that convinces Philippines the most and make our selection. And within all these options, we find combination bets, in which several bets are combined and that have great success both in players and in online betting houses, which usually offer promotions such as insurances or bonuses for combining selections.

Let's go step by step...

What is a combined bet?

The world of betting is divided into two main types: single bets and combined bets. A single bet is one in which only one selection is involved, for example the winner of a tennis match or a bet on the number of goals in a football game. On the other hand, combined bets involve more than one selection, for example the winner of the tennis match plus the number of goals.

The key to combined bets is that the odds of the selections are multiplied, which is why the prize is higher. However, all selections in the bet must be correct in order to win, which is why the more variables included in the combined bet, the harder it will be to win. The greater the risk, the higher the possible winnings, so the bettor will have to find a balance between risk and rewards.

Generally, combined bets must include markets from different events, although it is true that many bookies are starting to offer special combined bets where the player can select markets from the same event. This is what happens, for example, with the "Build your bet" from Bwin, the "Combipartido" from Betfair, or the "Create bet" from Bet365. Even the "Player Props" feature from codere is a combined bet focused on a football player.

Combination bet types

When it comes to making your combination bets, you can include as many selections as you want. However, bookmakers set a limit on selections, which is usually around 12, a significant number. As you add selections to your bet slip, you will see various options next to the so-called "multiplication factor," which is the number of bets we are making. The units we wager are multiplied by this number. For example, betting one unit with a x3 factor means you are betting 3 units. Let's take a closer look:

✅ Combined bet of 2 or double

As its name suggests, a two-way combined bet is one in which we only have two selections. Calculating the odds is as simple as multiplying the odds of both selections. It is the safest combined betting option, as we only need to get two bets right for it to be valid. On the bet slip, the bet will appear as "double" with the multiplication factor of 1 (x1). This means that we are making only one bet.

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✅ Combined bet of 3 or triple

If we add a third selection to the betting ticket, we are making a triple combination where all three selections must be correct to win. On the ticket, you will see the word "triple" with a multiplication factor of x1. However, within this triple bet, you can also combine the events in pairs to form doubles (multiplication factor x3), so if one selection fails, we don't lose the entire bet. Another option for combined bets with 3 selections is the Trixie, which includes the triple and all three possible doubles among all the selections.

✅ Combination system bet

The trixie is still a system bet, bets where a series of selections are combined and multiple bets are made by combining all the bets together. There are up to seven types of system bets:

  • Trixie: 4 bets combining 3 selections. There are three doubles and one treble, and we need to get two forecasts right to make a profit.
  • Patent: 7 combination bets with 3 selections. There are three singles, three doubles, and one treble, and you only need to correctly predict one outcome to make a profit.
  • Yankee: 11 combination bets using 4 selections. There are six doubles, four trebles, and one fourfold accumulator, and we need to get two predictions right to make a profit.
  • Super Yankee or Canadian: 26 combination bets with 5 selections. There are 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfolds and one fivefold accumulator, just two correct predictions are needed to achieve profits.
  • Heinz: 57 combination bets with 6 selections. There are 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 4-folds, 6 5-folds, and 1 6-fold. We can profit with at least two correct selections.
  • Super Heinz: 120 combination bets using 7 selections. There are 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfolds, 21 fivefolds, 7 sixfolds and 1 sevenfold. We need to have two correct selections to achieve profits.
  • Goliath: 247 combination bets combining 8 selections. There are 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 fivefolds, 28 sixfolds, eight sevenfolds and one eightfold; with two correct selections we can achieve profits.
  • Lucky 15: 15 combination bets combining 4 selections. The 11 bets from the Yankee are added to 4 single bets.
  • Lucky 31: 31 bets combining 5 selections. 5 single bets are added to the 26 bets of the Canadian or Super Yankee.
  • Lucky 63: 63 combined bets combining six selections. The Heinz 57 bets are supplemented by 6 single bets.

How to make a combined bet

Placing a combined bet is very easy. Simply log in and go to the events you want to combine. Every time you select a market, it will be added to the betting slip and we will see both the different types of combined bets that we can make, as well as the multiplication factor and the odds. We just have to enter the amount to play and we will be shown the cost of the bet and the potential winnings we can get.

While adding selections to your betting ticket, messages or icons appear regarding the possibility of cash out and closing the bet early to ensure winnings or adding some insurance in case one of the selections fails. Once we have completed the betting ticket with all the selections we want to combine, the type of combination and the money we are going to bet, we just have to place the bet.


If I want to place a combination bet on Befair, I log in and go to the Sportsbook section where I can add all the selections I want to my bet slip on the right-hand side. If cash out is available, a yellow icon will appear and if I add three selections, I can also add the Edge insurance. Now, I just need to enter the amount I want to bet in the corresponding box, for example 1$ in a Trixie, and the odds and total bet amount of 4$ will appear. Finally, I just need to click the "Place Bet" button to confirm and place the bet.

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Safe combined bets, do they exist?

Assuming that 100% safe bets do not exist, it seems difficult to justify the existence of safe combined bets. As we have mentioned, the more selections are added to a combined bet, the greater the risk as any mistake will ruin the entire bet. System bets help minimize the risk, as we can still benefit even if some selections fail, but it is also true that the investment will be higher.

A common strategy is to combine slightly low odds, which alone are not interesting but when combined with others are more interesting. For example, a selection at odds of 1.40 has a 71% chance of winning and another at odds of 1.30 has a 77% chance. Alone, they don't tell Philippines anything, but if we combine them, we have odds of 1.82 which starts to become interesting and with over 70% chance of winning.

When it comes to safe combined bets, we also need to talk about the "Banker", a selection that we consider to be safe and that will be present in all the combined bets we make from a certain number of selections. This allows Philippines to reduce the number of system bets, although if the banker fails, we lose the entire combination. For example, in a 4-selection bet (A, B, C, and D), we choose selection A as the banker and bet on AxB, AxC, and AxD, but not on BxC, for instance.

Pros and cons of combination bets

As you have deduced throughout this guide, combined bets have many advantages, but also their disadvantages. It is not something exclusive to this type of bet, but also single bets have their pros and cons. The same goes for different betting markets, each with their strengths and weaknesses. Before continuing with a combined bet, one must evaluate the pros and cons they have.

  • We can obtain great benefits
  • Wide variety of combined betting types to choose from
  • Allow you to take advantage of lower installments
  • They are more exciting than simple bets
  • Many bookmakers offer insurance and promotions
  • The more selections you include, the more risk
  • We can get carried away by quotas
  • The lowest fees can deceive you
  • Each bet should be thoroughly analyzed
  • Poor long-term gameplay system

10 tips for your multiple bets

Making combination bets is very easy, the difficult part is getting them right. Below you will find a series of 10 tips for making your combination bets, 10 tricks that you should know before taking risks and that can help Philippines achieve significant winnings.

  1. How many selections do I include in my combination bet? It's the million dollar question, and there's no magic formula to answer it. It all depends on your betting profile and the odds you're aiming for, but in general it's not recommended to include more than 5 selections in the same accumulator. If you can achieve the ideal odds with 3 or 4 selections, go for it. It's always better to have two accumulators of 3 or 4 selections than one of 6.
  2. Don't get excited about fees: As you add selections to the accumulator you will see how your accumulator odds grow. A common mistake is to keep adding selections to increase the odds without being fully aware of the risks involved.
  3. Don't trust low odds: Just as we shouldn't get too excited as the odds increase, we also shouldn't add low odds selections to our accumulator bet to "secure" it. It's true that accumulators are a way to make more profit on low odds bets, but we can still lose them. Before placing the bet, make sure it's worth adding a selection with very low odds.
  4. Be careful with the markets you include in the combine: If the 1X2 bet offers Philippines a good odd in the combination, why would we include a handicap that adds risk? We will always try to use the most probable markets, even if the odd is slightly lower.
  5. Combine different events: A common mistake is to include a lot of selections from the same event, such as La Liga or Roland Garros, in the same combination. If you focus on the same tournament, you have more chances of losing. Learn about other tournaments and events and you will have more chances of winning.
  6. Never include the same selection in two combos: It's the version of "not putting all your eggs in one basket" applied to betting. A very common mistake is to include the same selection, which we are very confident in, in multiple combinations. Even if the rest of the selections are different, all bets are lost if that selection fails.
  7. Treat all selections as a single bet: Get informed about all the selections, analyze the precedents, the state of each team or player, their physical condition, the schedule...You should approach each selection of a combined bet as if it were a single bet and decide whether to bet on it or not. Don't just look at the odds, observe all the details that can affect its development.
  8. Take advantage of promotions: Most bookmakers offer promotions that add more interest to accumulators, which we can take advantage of. Usually, we are talking about getting our bet refunded in the form of a free bet if we lose due to one selection, or an increase in the odds as we add more selections - which brings Philippines back to the second point.
  9. Are you interested in holding out until the end?: Practically all betting houses offer Philippines the option of making a cashout, so why wait until the end to collect? If you have the opportunity to close the bet before the last selection is settled, study whether it is in your interest to close it early to ensure profits and minimize risks. To do this, you can leave a low odds selection for the end.
  10. Remember, it is normal to lose the bet: At all times, you must keep your feet on the ground and be realistic. The most common outcome in these types of bets is failure, so you should always be aware that there are few chances of success. This is especially important when choosing the amount to be bet. Being conservative with the stake is a virtue.

Best bookmakers for combined bets

Any betting house will allow Philippines to make combined bets, although it is also true that the odds of the same combination vary significantly from one house to another. Our advice is to play in more than one house, which will help Philippines both to find the best combinations and the best promotions. For example, insurances such as Betfair's Edge Insurance, which in exchange for a small reduction in the odds returns it to Philippines in the form of real money if we only miss one selection.

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Bookmakers like Sportium or Pastón also usually offer similar promotions, where they refund our bet in the form of freebet whenever we fail by only one selection. In the case of Pastón, there are events in which they refund part of the bet if we fail more selections. However, these are specific promotions. Bookmakers like Bet365 or Luckia increase the odds a percentage as we add selections.


At this point, does it make sense to make combined bets or should we stick to single bets? Obviously, if you're looking for safety a single bet is better, but a combined bet keeps the excitement alive longer and always offers a more interesting quota. The key is to find the balance between risk and quota, and if you are able to find it, you will have more chances of your combined bets being successful. Following a good betting strategy will be key.

Anyway, it's important to keep in mind that we should treat each selection as an individual bet, both in terms of prior research and convincing ourselves at the time of selection. If you're not completely sure it can come out, it's better to remove that selection from your combined bet. Also, don't lose sight of promotions and the possibility of closing the bet, which will always be more interesting in combined bets than in simple bets.


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