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A simple bet is one that is placed on a single sporting event for a single circumstance, result or option.
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We want to make our first bet. We register on a betting house, make a deposit into our account and we are ready to start. We want to start with something simple, a first bet with no complications, easy to make, probably on our favorite team or athlete. Without even realizing it, we will be about to make our first simple bet.

Simple bets are the basis for any bettor, which is why they are especially recommended for beginners. Their importance is such that it is essential to master them in order to delve into other types of bets such as combined bets, crossed bets, live bets, etc.

What is a single bet?

A simple bet is one that is made on a single sporting event for a single circumstance, outcome, or option. To win these bets, the specific event for which we bet must occur; otherwise, the bet is lost.

The profit obtained from these bets is conditioned solely by the odds associated with our choice. To calculate said profit, it is only necessary to multiply the bet amount by the odds and subtract the bet amount from the result.


  • In a soccer game between Sevilla and Valencia we bet 10 dollars in favor of Valencia winning at 2.20 odds.
  • In a tennis match between Murray and Federer, we bet 20 dollars that they will play more than 30 games with odds of 1.80.
  • In a Formula 1 race, we bet 15 dollars on Vettel finishing on the podium with odds of 1.60.

All of these situations are examples of simple bets, and to calculate the profit, for example, in the match between Sevilla and Valencia, we would have to multiply the 10 dollars bet by the odds of 2.20. This would give Philippines a first result of 22 dollars to which we would have to subtract the 10 dollars bet previously. In this way, we know that we have obtained a profit of 12 dollars.

Profit = 10$ x 2.20 - 10$ = 12$

How do you make simple bets?

Placing a simple bet is a very simple and intuitive process. Access the page of your favorite betting house and register in your account to start. Next, look for the sport you want to bet on in the sports menu and click on it to see all the competitions that are taking place at the moment.

Search for the competition you want to bet on and click on it to see all the competitive events available for it. Once here, you will begin to see the first odds; clicking on the specific event will display the entire menu of bets associated with the event. Each betting option is associated with its odds.

Once you know what you want to bet on, simply click on the box for your chosen option with its corresponding odds. This will automatically create a betting slip. All that's left to do is enter the amount of money you wish to bet and confirm in order for the bet to be placed.

Single or combined bets?

A combo bet is one in which its resolution depends on several circumstances that are bet on, which can be from the same event or from several different events. Ultimately, it's combining several simple bets into one unique bet. This implies that they are more complicated bets to win, but at the same time offer better odds.

Generally, beginning bettors should avoid combination bets until they are sure they have mastered single bets. In any case, it is often recommended not to combine too many bets, with a maximum limit of three, since this would make it very difficult to win. However, many people play for fun by combining many events and betting very little in exchange for a very high odds, which is known as funbet.

Strategy for simple bets

There are numerous strategies for making simple bets, but all have a common basis: the analysis of available information. Most of our bets should have a rational basis, based on all the possible information we can gather from specialized sources. This does not mean that we cannot make playful bets, to increase the excitement of competitions, by intuition or by affinity with one of the contenders, as long as we are aware that they are the exception to the rule.

Based on the analysis of the information, we will be able to determine first whether the bet is worthwhile and secondly, the quota value. The ideal is to look for very probable bets supported by objective information, and then see if the odds are high enough to compensate for the risk.

From here, many strategies rely on playing with the timing of the bet in order to try to cover all possible options and make a profit. There are different options for simple bets, both in the long term and in the medium and short term, the latter of which are live or live bets.

Simple bets can also be combined to cover a large number of scenarios. For example, in football, it is very popular to bet on the same match that there will be more than 2.5 goals scored and that a even number of goals will result. Combining two simple bets covers almost all possible outcomes of a match, except for 1-0 and 0-1.

Best bookmakers to make simple bets

If you are looking for the best houses for making single bets, you must take into account two criteria: the number of bets offered and the odds of those bets. The greater the offer of bets, the more options you will have and you can better adjust to what you want to bet on specifically. On the other hand, share is the fundamental factor of any bet, as it determines the profits that we are going to obtain.

Among the houses that meet these two factors, we recommend the following: Bet365, william hill, MarathonBet, Bwin, Betfair, sportium, luckia, and poof.


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