It is applied to a price when the bettor perceives that a bet has a higher probability of being successful than the price indicates. To find out the probability expressed by a decimal odds, all you have to do is divide 100 by the odds.
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The value of a sports bet is something very personal, closely linked to the use of stake we have and, above all, to the specific bet odds. There are many opinions on this subject, from those who say that odds of 1.01 have value, to those who say that odds less than 2 have no value.

As we can see, everyone thinks differently about what has value or not. As there is no magic formula to determine whether a bet has value or not, we will limit ourselves to explaining what the term "value" means and how to decide for ourselves whether a bet has value or not.

Value = Value

The term value can be translated as "worth," which means if a bet has worth or not, or if a bet is worth it, to put it another way.

The stake applied to a bet is linked to the value we see in it because, in a way, if you believe that a bet has value, the stake you dedicate to that bet must be greater than that of another bet that you believe has less value.

The value depends on the quota

It is also very tied to odds because whether a bet has value or not basically depends on the odds of it. For example, we can see that Real Madrid is going to easily win against Atlético de Madrid, but whether we place a bet on it or not will depend on the odds that the betting companies set for Real Madrid's victory.

If the Real Madrid victory is placed, for example, at odds of 1.20, we think that it is too low of an odds to be worth the risk. On the other hand, if it is placed at 1.50, we think that it has some value, and if it is placed at 1.80, it has a lot of value and we must bet on it, even if it is with a stake of 1. This is because the chances we give to the Real Madrid victory are much higher than those given by the bookmaker.


As I mentioned at the beginning, the value of a bet is something very personal that depends on each individual, but one key to maximizing bets and finding the highest possible value is to have an account and some money in all possible betting sites, since odds almost always vary from site to site, which can make a big difference in the long run between winning or losing money.


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