Patent is a betting system where the user adds three selections, and plays seven different bets according to the triple, double and single combinations that can be made with them.
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As we delve deeper into the world of sports betting, we search for more complex options to achieve maximum profit. It is common to start with simple bets and then move on to combination bets. The next step is to look at system bets, which includes patent bets. This is a multiple bet involving three selections and seven bets, in an attempt to increase our profits. Let's take a closer look at them.

What is a Patent bet?

As we explained before, patent is a betting system where the user adds three selections and makes seven bets based on the multiple combinations that can be made. Simple bets are also included. Thus, inside a patent we find:

  • A triple bet
  • Three double bets
  • Three simple bets

One of the advantages of betting systems is that it allows you to guarantee profits if only one selection fails, since the rest of the bets included in the system are saved. However, it is necessary to calculate the stake very carefully, since the amount played in a bet should be multiplied by seven.

Example of patent bet

Firstly, we need to choose the three selections that we will add to the betting coupon. For instance, selections A, B, and C:

  • Selection A: Real Madrid to win @ 1.46
  • Selection B: Atlético de Madrid to win @ 1.80
  • Selection C: Barcelona wins @ 2.10

If we convert it into a patented betting system, we have the following:

  • Triple 1: Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona win
  • Double 1: Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid win
  • Doble 2: Real Madrid and Barcelona win
  • Double 3: Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona win
  • Simple 1: Real Madrid wins
  • Simple 2: Atlético de Madrid wins
  • Simple 3: Barcelona wins

How to bet Patent

Now that we know what patent bets are and how they work, let's see how to place one. First, we need to choose three selections on the sportsbook of our betting site and add them to the bet slip. By default, the bet slip shows the odds for a combo bet bet, which in this case is a treble. To turn it into a patent bet, we need to select system bets on the bet slip, and we will see the different types of system bets available.

Make sure to mark the patent option, since in the trixie betting system we also have to choose three different bets. The difference between patent and trixie is in the three single bets that are included in the patent system bets and do not appear in the trixie, limited to the triple bet and the three doubles (four bets in total compared to the seven bets in patent). Finally, you need to indicate the amount to bet per bet and place the bet.

How are patent bets paid?

Keep in mind that we're talking about seven bets, so we have to multiply the indicated betting amount by 7. So, if we indicate one unit, we're actually playing seven. It's similar to what happens with G/C bets, where one unit is played for the winner and another for the classified. That's why it's so important to control the stake and know the minimum bet allowed. To play one unit in total, you'll have to indicate 0.15 (0.15 x 7 = 1.05). Check the amount on the ticket and the number of bets to avoid surprises.

Even if you place all seven bets at once, in reality they are seven independent bets and will be paid as such. If all three selections win, we will pay out on all seven bets, but if one of the three selections doesn't win, we will only pay out on the bets that don't involve the unsuccessful selection. Let's revisit the previous example and the summary table of patent bets:

If all three teams win their matches, we win all seven bets. However, if Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid win but Barcelona does not, we will win the three bets that do not involve Barcelona (double 1, single 1, and single 2). If only one team wins, we will only win the single bet for that team.

You hit A, B, C You hit A and B You hit A and C You hit C and B you hit A you hit B you hit C
Triple A+B+C won Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss
Double A+B won won Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss
Double A+C won Loss won Loss Loss Loss Loss
Double B+C won Loss Loss won Loss Loss Loss
Simple A won won won Loss won Loss Loss
Simple B won won Loss won Loss won Loss
Simple C won Loss won won Loss Loss won
Total bets won 7 3 3 3 1 1 1


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