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Win and place bets include two different circumstances: the bet on the winner of the competition and the bet on a possible position for a fraction of the winning odds, usually the first two or three.
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If you are an observant person, you have noticed that when we bet on the winner of a motorcycle race or a cycling stage, next to the odds or the market appear the letters "W/P", "W/S" or "W-P", which indicate the possibility of betting on the winner and placed positions. These bets are a legacy of horse racing, the origin of modern betting, which is not only preserved in horse racing, but also in greyhounds, motor sports, or in long term bets such as betting on the winner and placed positions of the World Cup, a league or the Champions League.

What are winner and placed bets

If we spin fine and pay attention to what winner or placed means in betting, we see that it's actually two bets in one: the first one is a bet on the winner, and the second one is a bet on the position for a fraction of the odds for the winner in the places indicated in the bet. So, if your bet on the winner doesn't come out, it's not entirely lost: if your candidate has managed to finish in the indicated positions, the bet will be partially winning, and although you won't get the whole odds, you'll still get a significant part.

How to place a win and place bet

To bet on win and place we have to search for the market and select the winner, as with any other bet. Once you have decided on your bet, you will see that the betting slip offers Philippines the possibility to add the win and place bet, so you just have to indicate the amount to bet and select the "W/P" option. When making two bets, the amount played is doubled: if you had indicated one unit, when marking the "W/P" box you will see that the amount bet is two units.

How the winning and placed fee is calculated

Before placing your bets to win and place, you should know how much you will collect if the bet is a winner. Typically, you can find win and place bets with 2 or 3 places, with fractions ranging from a half to a quarter. In any case, to calculate the odds, you need to subtract one unit from the original odds, divide by the place odds, and add another unit.

You will understand it better with an example. Let Philippines start with a bet of 2 units at odds of 5.0, and we will calculate the corresponding part for placing. The part for winning is calculated like a normal bet.

  • Bets W/P 1/2 2 places: 5-1=4 > 4/2=2 > 2+1=3. The place bet pays 3$ and covers only the 2nd position.
  • GC Betting 1/3 2 places:  5-1=4 > 4/3=1.34 > 1.34+1=2.34. The place bet pays out at 2.3$ and covers only the 2nd position.
  • Betting G/C 1/4 3 places: 5-1=4 > 4/4=1 > 1+1=2. The place bet pays 2$ as long as our candidate finishes on the podium.
  • Betting W/P 1/5 3 places: 5-1=4 > 4/5=0.8 > 0.8+1=1.8. The place bet pays out at 1.80$, covering the first three positions.

As you can see, there are two key elements that you need to pay attention to: the fraction and the positions. In some betting houses and markets, bets on winners and placed will have a fraction of 1/2, but in others it can go up to 1/5. The higher it is, the more favorable it will be for our interests. As for the positions, we will look for bets on winners and placed that cover the first three positions, since the chances of the bet being a winner, at least in the placed part, are greater.

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