A banker is a bet with a high percentage of hit options but with a low odds, which can be used to improve the odds of a bet by combining them or to try to ensure profits in system bets.
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Any gambler, especially those of you who have been in this for a long time, have heard of "bankers" at some point - those selections that are usually included in the combined bets to get a better odds. However, it is important to define the concept of a banker well, because many players confuse it with a surebet or a safe bet, two completely different concepts although they have some similarity at first glance. And as you know, when we make such a mistake when betting, it's easy to lose the bet.

what is a banker

A banker is a bet with a high probability of being successful. Naturally, the higher the probability of a banker being successful, the lower the odds will be, but that does not mean that the bet lacks value. It is worth noting that banker bets can fail just like any other bet, while the goal of sure bets bets is to guarantee profits.

When to use bankers

If they don't have a very high quota and they are not safe bets either, what are banker bets good for? The answer is simple: to improve the odds of multiples or accumulator bets. At least, that's how experienced bettors use them, seeing them as a way to improve their bank roll and becoming one more tool for their long term bets strategies.

improve a combo

When we find a single bet with a fee that doesn't quite reach what we would like, we can use a banker to combine it and thus obtain a more attractive fee. That's where the value of the banker lies.

In a Real Madrid-Alba Berlin Euroleague game, Real Madrid's victory is offered at 1.52$. The odd is a bit low to place a single bet, so we look for a banker to increase the odds, such as Barcelona's victory against Athletic at Camp Nou with odd of 1.25$. Combined, it gives an odd of 1.90$, which is much more attractive than the original 1.50.

In system bets

System bets combine multiple selections together and independently between each one. The inclusion of a banker can help Philippines secure at least a portion, so that if a selection fails we minimize losses.

We have a system bet with selections A @2.00, B @1.80, and C @1.30, with C being the banker. In reality, we are betting on A+B, A+C, B+C, and A+B+C, so if we correctly select A or B and the banker, we will make a profit: A+C earns Philippines 2.60 units and B+C earns Philippines 2.34 units. While these profits do not compensate for the 4 units bet, they reduce losses by more than 50%.

Improve the bank

Managing the bank well is necessary for our betting strategy to be sustainable, so one way to improve it gradually and without taking a great risk is with the use of bankers.

To improve our bank, we can play with a banker at odds of 1.25. For every 4 units played at that odds, we will win 1 unit provided the bet is successful. This is a long-term strategy as it does not offer immediate returns.

Conclusions about betting with banker

As you can see, using a banker can be a very interesting option when trying to increase the chances of winning a combined or system bet, as well as for growing your bank. However, we must not overlook certain risks, beginning with the fact that a banker is not a safe bet. In fact, you can correctly choose a selection with a high odds, but still lose the banker, which can be very frustrating for bettors. The possibility of failure, in addition to losing sight of the odds when adding it to a combined bet, is its greatest danger, which is why it is recommended to only use it for more experienced bettors.


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    I don't see any difference between a double bet and a bet with a banker, nor do I see the difference between a triple bet and a double bet with a banker.

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