Teasers are a type of multiple bet where we add or subtract the same number of points to all selections, so the chances of hitting are higher. It is available in few sports, but it is very interesting.
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When we talk about combined bets, we usually think of multiple bets where we include two or more selections to increase the odds. We can include a banker to help improve the result, but they are usually bets on different events. However, we have other types of combined bets such as the parlay or teaser bets, a type of bet that, although not all bookies offer, is gradually growing.

What are teaser bets?

Teaser bets are a multiple bet where the handicap of all selections is extended. The number of selections varies depending on the bookie, as they can range from 2 to 8 or 10; and the key is to choose the number of points to be added or subtracted, as well as the number of selections included in the teaser. It goes without saying that to win a teaser bet we must correctly predict all the outcomes included in the bet, and that the more selections there are, the higher the odds will be... but the more difficult it will be to win the bet.

The odds change depending on the number of points to add or subtract and the number of teams combined for the teaser. It is also worth noting that due to its characteristics, it is easier to win a teaser than a conventional bet, but as is often the case with more options to win, the lower the odds will be. In fact, the payout is usually lower than other handicap bets, which is why several games are typically added to the teaser.

When we choose a teaser, the handicap for each selection is automatically adjusted. For example, if we choose a teaser 6, the handicap -3.5 will become +2.5 and the handicap +3.5 will become 9.5. The number of selections also affects the final odds, and this also affects the void bets or canceled bets. If one of the teaser selections is not resolved or is null, the teaser is re-calculated from the valid selections. Therefore, if in a 6-selection teaser, one selection is null, it will be paid as a 5-selection teaser as long as all the other selections are correct.


We have the NFL game Kansas City Chiefs-Denver Broncos where Kansas is the favorite with a -3.5 handicap, and Arizona Cardinals-NY Giants with the Giants as favorite and a -3 handicap. If we add 6 points of teaser, we bet on the handicap of Kansas +2.5 and Giants +3. The following selections will appear on the betting coupon:

  • Kansas City Chiefs +2.5 (-3.5 +6)
  • New York Giants + 3 (-3 + 6)

Buy points on teaser bets

When making a teaser bet, we select our choice and add it to the coupon. However, bookmakers offer Philippines the option to buy points and expand the handicap in favor of one of the contenders. Logically, the greater the handicap, the more leeway you have to get it right, so the odds will decrease as you add points, hence why this action is known as buying points. Usually, half-points are bought in half-point increments.


In the previous example's teaser +6 Kansas + Giants, we have odds of 1.91$. If we buy half a point (teaser 6.5), we bet on Kansas +3 and Giants +3.5, and the odds drop to 1.83$. If we add another half point (teaser 7), we bet on Kansas +3.5 and Giants +4, with the odds at 1.77$.

Teaser bets for sports

We are talking about a type of bet that is very common in American markets. Usually, it is available in basketball and American football, specifically in the NBA, NFL, NCAA, and NCAAF, university basketball and football leagues respectively. Sometimes, bookies who offer the teasers offer them in special tabs, and once configured, we have to enter the amount to bet and confirm the bet.


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