There are situations where bets remain unresolved. In this case we speak of "void" or null bet, where the bets are canceled due to circumstances of the bet itself or the match.
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Usually, when we place a bet on any market, we have two options: either the bet wins and we receive the winnings or it loses and we lose the amount bet. However, there are times when the bet doesn't settle: the void or null bet. Just as there are several factors that influence the outcome of the bet in our favor or against it, there are also a series of circumstances that can cause the bet to be voided.

What are void bets

Null bets are those that are cancelled or invalidated, either due to the circumstances of the bet itself or external circumstances. As you know, there are markets where a possible tie is taken into account which results in the cancellation of the bet. The asian handicap or the no tie bets are a good example of this. But there are also external factors that require bets to be nullified, and that's where we talk about void. Factors ranging from human errors to the withdrawal or non-participation of the player we bet on.

Examples of void bets

To make the concept of null bet much clearer, we are going to see some simple examples:

  • Asian Handicap/Draw No Bet: If you bet on Barça AH -1 and they win by only one goal, the bet is cancelled. The same happens if we bet on a team cancelling the draw and it ends in a tie.
  • Top scorer betting: many betting companies void top scorer bets if the player we have bet on does not play. The same goes if we bet on a cyclist or a motorcycle rider who ultimately does not compete, for example.
  • Retired tennis players: most bookmakers void the bet if a tennis player withdraws during a match due to injury. However, there are some that settle the bet based on the score, so make sure to check what happens with your bookmaker beforehand.
  • Postponed or cancelled matches: when a sporting event is postponed or cancelled, bets are voided. Using the example of tennis, this occurs when a tennis player retires before a match and it is not played. In the case of postponements, it is preferable to consult the T&C of your betting company.

We also talk about void when a bet is invalidated due to a system error, for example if markets or selections are combined that cannot be combined with each other, because there has been an alteration in the competition or because the system validates a bet with the event in progress. The last example of a null bet is when there are errors in odds or markets that can be proven. It is not usual to happen, but these are situations that can occur.

What happens if a bet is voided

When a bet is cancelled, the player gets their bet money back. Once the bet has been settled with a null result or the market suspension is confirmed, the betting company reimburses the amount wagered to the user. However, we come across the condition that free bets are not refunded even if the bet is cancelled. This is a condition that we often find in the terms and conditions of free bets. You should also know that null bets do not count towards the rollover or other betting requirements.

The null bets in the combined

Things get a bit complicated when you cancel a selection that we have included in a combo bet. If that happens, the accumulator is automatically restructured with the remaining markets at a new odds and with a new stake, since the user gets back the amount equivalent to the money played on that canceled selection. If the rest of the accumulator is correct, the bet will be successful and you will receive the corresponding payout.


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