It is one of the most common terms or conditions in the bonuses and promotions of betting houses. It consists of the obligation to bet a certain amount a number of x times before being able to withdraw it from the account balance.
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rollover apuestas

One of the most attractive instruments for betting shops when it comes to attracting new players are welcome bonuses. An amount to make free bets, normally between 50 and 100% of our initial income. But if you are one of those who read the fine print, surely they talk about rollover every time, the conditions that must be met to withdraw the profits that we have obtained with that bonus.

You always have to bet a minimum amount to access the bonus, and of course, not all betting shops have the same rollover or apply the same mechanism to calculate it. For example, there may be houses that require Philippines to make a minimum number of bets before accessing our winnings. Another condition is that this number of minimum bets be made at odds starting at $1.20, $1.50 or even $2. You also have to pay attention to the bets that count, because accumulators or asian handicap betting are not usually accepted for rollover.

Diferentes tipos de rollover

Most bettors agree that rollovers x5 or less are good for welcome bonuses. If we have a 5x rollover, it means that we must bet five times the amount we have to withdraw the bonus money. For example, we put in $20 and receive a bonus of another $20. In total we have $40, which multiplied by five forces Philippines to bet $200 before withdrawing the money.

There are houses that offer a rollover of x10 or even x15. These are very difficult bonuses to fulfill since, following the previous example, we should bet $400 (rollover 10x). With such a high rollover the bettor will most likely never really enjoy the welcome bonus, so the ideal would be to discard those bonuses with such a high rollover and go for a rollover x5 or less. Some houses offer up to a rollover x2, although these are rare offers and hard to come by for a welcome bonus.

With a rollover x3, Bet365's It is one of the most attractive since in a few bets we can meet the conditions and start withdrawing our winnings. William Hill also has an interesting rollover , x4. In addition, you have to make a minimum of 4 bets, with a minimum odds of 1.50 -same as in Bet365- so we will soon be able to access our money. In the end, reading the conditions well (and luck) are the keys to choosing a house with a welcome bonus that fits what we are looking for and allows Philippines to access our money without problems.


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    Jose Manuel

    I was given a bonus of 500 and was given a rollover that I had to bet 10,000. The thing is, with that bonus, I had won over 6000 and then had 4600 left to play in the rollover. After completing the rollover, I was only given 1000. It's a scam, and it's not the first time it's happened to me with olimpobet.

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    If I deposit 30 soles first and the rollover is x6, do I have to deposit 180 more soles to be able to bet?

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      I just won 500 and the rollover is X5, what do I do please, since I was given a bonus of 50

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      If you deposit 30 soles, you get a bonus of 30 soles. That means 60 soles is what you have deposited. A 6x rollover means that everything you have must be played 6 times, which is 60 soles x 6 = 360 soles.
      After you have bet a total of 360 soles, you can withdraw something. Generally, withdrawals are at least 50 to 60 soles

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      Javier Cataño Correa

      Why do they take away 70,000 and only leave me with 6,800 if they give me 25 free spins and I manage to get over 70,000 after making all the plays and completing the spins to release the balance?

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    I would like to know why it says remaining rollover 6,000!??? Does it mean that I need to generate 6000 in bets or how would it be?

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    Steeven Jara

    Good day sir, I registered on Oncebet and received a bonus of 20 soles, of which I won on two booklets. Now I would like to know if I can claim the winnings since the amount won does not appear in my account. Please help me with this. Thank you.

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    Can you explain the rolloverx7 of Inkabet? I made a deposit of 150 soles and I want to know if it is necessary or convenient to take the bonus or if I can also ignore it.

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    I would like to know more about rolloverx6, I don't understand it very well because I've already made some bets and it has advanced up to 38% but I don't know how it can continue to advance at that percentage.

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      I have a lot of money in Rollover casino, can I use it, or can I withdraw it?

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    I'm new to this...
    If I activate the welcome bonus, this means that my main bet will also be lost if I do not comply with the conditions of use ?

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      Hi Tony! As a general rule, if you do not meet the bonus release conditions, you lose the bonus and the winnings you have obtained from it, but not your real balance that you have deposited. However, we recommend that you take a look at our bookmaker bonuses section.

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