Matched Betting

Matched betting is a betting strategy that continues to gain followers. You bet in favor of a team in a bookie and against it in a cross betting house, thus unlocking a bonus that we transform into a real balance.
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Matched Betting

Matched betting is a popular betting strategy in countries like the UK, and is slowly consolidating in Philippines and Latin America. The key is to make opposite bets on the same event, which helps minimize the risk of a conventional bet; while taking advantage of the recurring bonuses offered by bookmakers. It is a somewhat complex strategy, with a mathematical basis, that allowed Philippines to get the most out of welcome bonuses from bookmakers that no longer exist in Philippines.

What is matched betting

In broad strokes, matched betting is a technique in which we make two offsetting bets instead of just one. This way, we cover the different possibilities of an event. The ultimate goal is to unlock bonuses or free bets that we will later convert into real and withdrawable balance from our betting account. To achieve this, it is essential to be registered with a betting site that offers recurring bonuses or free bets for at least 30 days.

The other fundamental part of matched betting are the so-called cross-betting houses, where we can bet in favor or against a team. In the case of Philippines, the only cross-betting house we can find is Betfair Exchange. When taking advantage of betting bonuses and offers, make sure to fully understand the terms and conditions to avoid any issues.

How does Matched Betting work?

Firstly, we choose the team we want to bet on and go to our betting house to make a bet in favor of one of the teams. For example, if we want to bet on a Real Madrid - Barcelona match, we make this initial bet in favor of Real Madrid's victory. Next, we have to go to Betfair Exchange and make a bet against that team. Continuing with the previous example, we bet against Real Madrid (not in favor of Barcelona).

After making this initial bet in favor of a team, we have unlocked the freebet or bonus offered by our trusted betting house. Now we just need to use the bonus we've obtained and turn it into real balance by meeting the rollover and other requirements imposed by the betting house. Once the release is complete, we can withdraw the funds.

How much can you win with matched betting?

Let's not deceive ourselves: matched betting won't make Philippines rich and there is no such thing as 0 risk, although we can certainly earn a good amount if we do the matchbetting correctly. Some sites tell you that you can earn 500$ per month, but it's more likely to be less. It also depends on the amount of bonuses you can get and how many bookmakers you use. Additionally, you need to be careful because human error can always occur.

Match betting tips

  • Account verification: make sure you have been registered for 30 days with the betting houses you will use to access promotions. Don't forget to verify account with the documentation requested by the operator.
  • Fund registry: we are going to use different betting houses, so we will distribute the money among bookies. To always know how much money we have in each one, we need to keep a record, either in Excel or on traditional paper and pen.
  • Back & Lay: always bet for and against the same team. Don't bet for Team A in one bet and for Team B in another.
  • Avoid contradictory bets: if we're going to do match betting in sports such as tennis or basketball, we be tempted to place both bets at the same bookie. These would be contradictory bets, which can even lead the bookie to cancel our account.
  • Start slowly: don't try to start at the top, patience is a virtue. You should start by playing small amounts and increase the stake of bets as you understand how matched betting works.
  • Initial budget: although we can start matched betting with a budget of around 20$, it would be ideal to start with a budget ranging between 100 and 150$. This way, you can take advantage of recurring bonuses from several bookies.

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