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It is a form of betting that reduces the result of an event to two options, declaring the bet null or void in the event of a tie. In the latter case, the money wagered is returned.
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empate no valido

'Draw no bet' is another betting term from English that translates to 'Empate, apuesta no válida'. Sometimes bettors refer to it by its acronym: DNB. This means that when you bet on one of the competitors and the match ends in a tie, the bet is canceled and the amount played is returned.

Tie, no bet and the Asian Handicap 0.0

The void bet and Asian handicap 0 are equivalent bets that produce the same effect. However, even though they are the same type of bet, they are not always paid the same, even within the same bookmaker. This gives Philippines the opportunity to use one or the other interchangeably, being able to compare the odds of both bets and choose the one that is higher.

As a general rule, handicap 0 is usually paid better than the 'draw, no bet' option, so it is highly advisable to search for it in the asian handicaps markets and compare it with the draw no bet.

When to use the 'Invalid Draw'?

Betting on a non-valid draw is mainly used to reduce risk, as we eliminate one of the possible outcomes, the draw, as a potential loss. This logically results in a lower odds compared to betting directly on either participant's victory.

This type of bet is especially advisable when betting on local contenders who are favorites while maintaining a relatively high odds. If we establish in our analysis of the match that the probability of the visitor winning is really low, we would be covering the majority of the most probable outcomes without any of them resulting in losses, since we would either win the bet or it would be cancelled and our stake returned to us.

Eibar receives Celta de Vigo on its field and betting houses place it as a favorite with odds around 2.40. Our analysis of the match also establishes an acceptable probability of Eibar winning and a very low probability of Celta winning. However, the probability of a tie cannot be completely ruled out. Given this situation, we can choose to bet in favor of Eibar with the draw no bet option. The odds for Eibar's victory would be reduced to around 1.70, but we would not have losses in the event of a tie.

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