Surebets are bets in which profit is made regardless of what happens in the sporting event. The way to make a surebet is by taking advantage of the different odds offered by bookmakers to bet on all the options in a market without the possibility of losses.
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What are surebets? The word surebet comes from English and literally means a safe bet. It is also known as "arbitrage". It consists of an error in the odds of the betting houses that causes a safe profit to be obtained when betting on all the results of a sporting event. They are safe bets that give a profit regardless of how the event ends due to a simple mathematical question and, therefore, they have no risk.

Although it seem similar, it is not the same as a "green book," since the latter involves speculation over time and therefore assumes risks.

How to identify surebets?

On the internet, there are various websites and calculators dedicated to identifying the surebets that can occur. We can also calculate them ourselves by dividing the number 1 by the different odds in the market and then adding the results. If the number we obtain is less than 1, it means that the odds allow for a surebet.

Example: For a football match we find the following odds for the 1X2 market:

  • 1 @ 2,20
  • X @ 3.60
  • 2 @ 5.00

We perform the calculation:

Benefit = (1 / 2.20) + (1 / 3.60) + (1 / 5.00) = 0.45 + 0.28 + 0.20 = 0.93

When giving a result lower than 1 (0.93), we know that in this market we can make a surebet. Now we have to calculate the probability percentages to know exactly the amount to bet on each market. To do this, we use the following formula:

Payment percentage = 1 / 0.93 = 1.07 x 100 = 107%

Assigned probabilities:

  • 1 / 2.20 = 0.45 x 107 = 48.75%
  • 1 / 3.60 = 0.28 x 107 = 29.79%
  • 1 / 5.00 = 0.20 x 107 = 21.45%

With this data and with a betting amount of $100, the exact amounts for each outcome would be:

  • 1 = 48.75$
  • X = 29,79$
  • 2 = 21.45$

By betting these amounts we would obtain a final profit of 7.25 dollars regardless of the outcome of the game, betting a total of 100 dollars and with a profit percentage of 7.25%.

Surebet Risks

Although surebets are mathematically risk-free bets, there are still associated circumstances that can lead to problems. Remember that surebets or sure bets are errors made by betting companies, which they strive not to make and correct quickly if they do occur. Let's review what these risks are:

  • The first of all is that houses do not allow this way of betting and if they detect it, they can cancel the bets and even cancel the user account.
  • The betting house cancel the bet if it detects a serious error in the odds. This leave Philippines with a bet placed in another house that will not be covered by the canceled bet.
  • Sporting events have anomalies (cancellations, injuries, etc.) that lead the bookmaker to void the bet. It is important to consider how bookmakers resolve bets in these situations.
  • The odds update very quickly. In the time it takes Philippines to make two bets to obtain a surebet, the odds can change, making the surebet disappear and leaving Philippines with a bet made.

In addition to all these risks, you must also consider the reality of placing surebets. Normally, a surebet offers a very low profitability, so in order to truly benefit from it, you must have respectable amounts of money available at various betting houses and assume the risks that have just been pointed out.

Houses most used to make surebets

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    What do you think about Does anyone use this service to find sure bets?

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    Enrique, do you sell surebets signals?

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      If you put "surebets houses" in google they will come out, they are paid but they are fine.
      Someone has commented here about a person who sells you surebets for 49 dollars or something like that, I have tried it and my conclusion is:
      Do not buy from anyone who sells you surebets because they will send you 3 or 4 surebets a day and most of the time when they send them to you and you are going to place the bets the odds have already changed with which goodbye surebets.
      For less money you have Betting shops that give you hundreds of surebets, do not fall for that type of scam. In any case, if in the end you decide to try this type of people to use disposable cards, paypal or any system that allows you to cancel the payment at any time, I am saying this because although they tell you that you can stop paying whenever you want, as they have your data, they will keep charging you, with these methods you protect yourself and your money.

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    Hello, do you sell any surebet services? I would like some information.

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    I would like to be able to contact someone who can help me get started in surebets, it would be of great help. Greetings

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    Surebets exist, you bet. I have been making money with them for 3 years. And although you have read that there are limitations from bookmakers, which there are, there are many ways to delay those limitations and a large number of bookmakers to play with. Man cannot live on bet365 alone. I use, the best surebet application in my opinion and with the most competitive price. They also offer a free trial week in which you can see how it works and start making money.

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    Joel Torres

    Can you please share some?

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      Hello, can someone tell me about sports betting houses in Argentina and what payment methods can be used that work here?

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    Does anyone work with Teapuesto from Peru or know what their mirror is?,

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    juan sebastian

    Hello, I would like to know more about surabets. How can I contact you?
    Thank you very much. Best regards

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    Yes, it is possible to find safe bets due to the differences between different betting shops. In every day they publish several. Just by registering you can see some bets. To see all it is necessary to pay the monthly subscription for 49.95. The subscription is worth it because in less than a week the investment is recovered.


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      Victor, do you sell surebets signals? When you talk about subscription, who is it with? thanks in advance for the support

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    Hello! I understand the example and comparison, but if there are all three cases of 1, x, 2, I understand that this same calculation has to be done in both cases. Also, if we had two options instead of three, how would the bet work? Thank you.

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    In the example of the surebets that they put, tell me in what type of matches they put those odds, because I have never seen them in my life.
    It is also easy to make a surebet with odds:

    See, this is also a surebet, but it doesn't exist, just like your examples. If all you want is to generate traffic, do it another way, but don't fool people. To talk about something you have to know something, especially when you want to be a page specialized in betting but it is more about teasing.

    PS. Since I know that they are not going to publish my comment, I will take care of leaving it in the various blogs and forums on these topics.


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      @Jose surebets exist, I've been living on it for 1 year.

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        How is the calculation done? Thank you

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        Jose ramon

        Hello, I would like to contact you. Regards.

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        How do you do it, friend? I would like to learn how to find this type of bets.

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      Hi Jose! If you take a look at Wikipedia you will see that an example is used to explain or illustrate a general statement, or to provide a particular case that serves as a model for the general case. The example is freely chosen, but seeks to clarify the understanding of a phenomenon or process.

      However, soon we will activate in our odds comparator a service to obtain surebets automatically and up-to-date.

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    Which other bookmakers can I use for surebets besides Betfair and bet365?

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    Excellent explanation, thank you.

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