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Brian Dekker
Brian Dekker Gambling expert
"He maintains the excellent odds that we find in his physical betting shops, and we can participate in his cheers."

Kirolbet is a Spanish bookmaker from Eibar, Euskadi. It belongs to the Kirol Group, a company dedicated entirely to the gaming sector founded in 2004. Kirolbet represents the online betting division of this business group, which operates under the licenses required by the AGCO.

The Kirol Group has a wide network of places for face-to-face betting, mainly distributed by Autonomous Communities in the north of the Philippines. From the Kirolbet website itself you can check the location of these premises. Kirolbet not only offers sports betting, but also has an online casino and slots (slot machines) available to its users. It also has the particularity of organizing cheers among its users.

What does Kirolbet offer us?

Kirolbet is a somewhat unique sports betting operator that, like other operators, wants to link online betting accounts with those we make in their extensive network of locations. From the moment we enter their website, we are surprised by a design that is quite different from what we are used to, both in terms of color selection (orange, grays, and whites) and font type. However, being different doesn't necessarily have to be negative: the website is very easy to use, with perfectly intuitive navigation.

kirolbet reviews

We have the page divided into three zones: on the left side, we have the featured events and the list of sports that you can bet on. In the central zone, we have the live events, the most popular, or the ones that will start soon. On the right side, we have our betting slip, live bets, or a locator to find the nearest Kirolbet point.

The betting catalog is quite extensive, and in addition to the most popular sports, allows you to bet on lottery draws such as Loto Catalunya or the Irish, British, and German lotteries, as well as surfing or pelota. We can also be satisfied with quite interesting odds, and although there are not many promotions, we do have SUPERQUOTAS enabled for all players or their famous "porras", a good reason to start playing here. We also offer a streaming service.

We also notice the union between physical betting establishments and online betting with the Kirolbet card, one of the products offered by this operator. Among other things, the card allows Philippines to deposit or withdraw funds at physical locations or to place bets with the money we have in our online account. Besides the Kirolbet card, we can only deposit or withdraw via credit or debit card and transfer. The operator offers a mobile app for gambling and a good customer service, but let's delve a little deeper into these aspects.

Sports and markets

kirolbet markets to bet on

In Kirolbet, you can find a good representation of the most popular sports both in the media and among bettors. Classic sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, or motor sports are always present, including newer sports such as mixed martial arts, greyhounds, or the famous e-Sports.

The number of different bets that we can find in Kirolbet is very high, with a strong point being the variety of markets it presents. For example, in elite football matches, there are easily over sixty different betting markets. If there is a downside, it is that some of these markets only have basic betting options, although the total number of bets across all markets is very high.


Kirolbet presents sensational odds, above the average of other betting houses. It is a reference betting house when it comes to looking for the highest quote for a certain forecast. This is one of the most important points when evaluating a betting house, since it is directly related to the profits that can be obtained when betting.

Live section (live betting)

kirolbet live

The betting section Kirolbet live stands out for presenting a good balance between the diversity of sports, the competitions it covers, and the number of betting markets it keeps open for betting. It not only caters to major sports but also to lesser-known ones, and gives equal attention to both major and lesser-known competitions.

As for available bets, their number places them among the best. Their interactive markers provide users with a significant amount of information. The best thing about this service is that it offers dozens of bets to be made during the course of a sporting event, whether it is a well-known sport like soccer or tennis, or more minor ones like hockey or handball.


In addition to all of this, we have Kirolbet TV available, a streaming service where NBA games stand out above all else. Not all games are available, but there is a good selection. We also offer high-level tennis, volleyball, snooker, and football, although the best leagues are not available. You can identify available events by the Play symbol next to the game offered. To follow Kirolbet TV streams, you don't need to have placed a bet or have a balance in your account.

Accepted payment methods

Kirolbet only allows four ways to deposit money: VISA and Mastercard credit cards, VISA Electrón and Maestro debit cards, bank transfer, and Kirolbet card. To withdraw funds from the account, one can choose between a bank transfer or the Kirolbet card. Another option is to withdraw at ATMs using Hal Cash.

How to register and deposit?

To register on Kirolbet you just have to access HERE and search for the orange button on their website that says "Register Now!". By clicking it, a short registration form will open up which needs to be filled in with the user's information and new account details. To complete the registration, one needs to confirm the data by clicking the "Finish Registration" button.

As soon as the account is created, funds can be deposited into it. To do this, you must log in to the account using your username and password. Then, you need to go to the "deposit" device, where you can select the preferred method of depositing money.

Kirolbet app

kirolbet app

Kirolbet has mobile applications for smartphones and tablets that are completely free and available for download on iOS and Android systems. It also allows the desktop web version to be adapted to a simpler mobile version. From the Kirolbet applications, users can access all the content of the website, whether it be bets, account management, betting pools, etc.


One of the most important things when we talk about a betting house is the safety of the game, our funds and data, etc., and we can confidently say that Kirolbet is a completely secure betting house. As it should be, on their website we find the logos of Self-Exclusion, Safe Gambling, Play Well and +18, guaranteeing a fair, ethical, reliable, and transparent game.

It is worth noting that if Kirolbet did not comply with these principles, the AGCO would not have granted them licenses to operate either online or physically. Kirolbet takes necessary measures to prevent minors from gambling and to protect user data and funds. Therefore, when requesting withdrawals, additional documentation be requested to verify our identity.

Customer Support

Kirolbet has a comprehensive user support service that includes a section for inquiries about deposits and withdrawals, frequently asked questions about any aspect of the site, and video tutorials on how to place bets, register, participate in pools, and deposit and withdraw funds from your account. They also provide various ways to get in touch with them, through:

  • Phone: 900 840 400 from 09:00 to 23:00
  • Whatsapp: 688 881 764 from
    09:00 to 02:00
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Chat with an operator from 09:00 to 02:00
  • Tweet to @Kirolbet_us

Kirolbet: Opinions and conclusion

Kirolbet is a highly recommended betting house for various reasons. One of them is its clear focus on sports betting, providing a good service both for pre-match and live betting. It offers a good number of sports and its betting markets are very diverse.

Another reason to choose Kirolbet is their above-average odds. This aspect is easily verifiable by comparing odds from different bookmakers. Any bettor looking to get the best results should go for the highest odds, and it is very likely that Kirolbet has them.

Then it has very interesting additions, such as having a network of physical locations or organizing special bets, which give it a distinctive touch within the competitive sector of online gaming. As a final assessment, it should be noted that both its odds, its customer service and the simplicity of its web design contribute to making Kirolbet a valid option for any type of bettor.

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Maintains the excellent odds found in its physical betting locations, and we can participate in its pools.

Live Betting
Payment Methods
Customer Support
  • Excellent odds
  • Kirolbet card
  • Good customer service
  • App and streaming
  • Does not offer Asian markets
User rating: 4.33 (12 votes)

Frequently Asked Questions

How to bet on Kirolbet?
The mechanics for placing a bet is very simple and similar to the rest of betting shops. Once a forecast has been chosen, you have to click on the box in which our selection appears next to its corresponding odds. At that moment, a message will be generated. a bet slip where you have to enter the amount of money you want to bet. Confirming the ticket the bet is made.
How to collect on Kirolbet?
To withdraw money from the account you have to enter it with the username and password. Click on "My account" and then on "Withdrawal accounts". There you can enter a new bank account or select one of those that are verified to request the withdrawal of funds.
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    I won a prize of 300 dollars and checked on the internet and it was awarded...went to check on the machine and it said I had no prize..

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    It's garbage they make mistakes in games they put games that are from other days and they don't correct it and ridiculous odds

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    I really like this betting house. It always has a great ratio and also cares about promoting local sports. Highly recommend it, Aupa kirolbet!

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    Although Kirolbet doesn't have a welcome bonus, it has some really good things. It's not all about welcome bonuses and promotions. Good review.

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