Live bets are those that are made live, while an event is taking place. It is an increasingly popular method of betting on sports such as football, basketball or tennis.
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In general, we can differentiate between two types of bets: live bets and pre-match bets. As the name suggests, pre-match bets are those that are placed before the start of the game or sporting event that we are betting on, so live bets are those that are made during the course of a game or event. This is a modality that is becoming increasingly popular among bettors.

What are live bets

Live, in-play or in-game betting are all bets placed from the start of a match or event until it ends. Depending on the evolution of the match, the odds for one market or another fluctuate so we can get better odds than betting prematch or look for a safer bet if we are following the match live. In fact, one of the keys to win with live betting is to follow the event we are betting on , either with live images, through the radio, minute and score updates, in live scores, etc.

All bookmakers have a live betting section, where we can quickly access their sports and markets. Sports such as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball or handball are suitable for this betting modality, although others such as cycling or motor sports also offer interesting options for live betting.

Regarding markets, we find everything from traditional bets (such as winner of the match, total goals or points, handicaps, exact result, etc.) to specific markets for live betting. These are bets such as next goal or scorer, next point, next set, next corner kick... Logically, depending on the magnitude of the event we will have more or less live betting markets available: betting live on the Barça-Real Madrid game is not the same as betting on a match in the Vietnamese league.

Live betting vs. prematch betting

Although live betting seem like the opposite of prematch betting at first glance, they are complementary because a live bet can help Philippines cover prematch bets so that we ensure profits regardless of the final result of the match. While prematch bets require Philippines to analyze how both contenders are arriving at the match, in live betting we have to rely on what we are seeing, on the feelings that they transmit in the match, not on the preview.

Live betting is much more exciting than pre-match betting, it provides a greater adrenaline rush although it is also true that it is more difficult to predict. Another important issue is the continuous changes in odds in live betting according to the development of the match, since a goal or a sending off can change the odds in a matter of seconds. It is a double-edged sword, since for the same option we can find a very good or quite low odds depending on the options it has at that moment.


Bookies are increasingly investing in the live betting section, aware that it continues to grow among users. This betting model offers Philippines advantages over pre-match bets such as having real-time event information, the possibility to watch the event live, the ability to trade or hedge pre-event bets, and offers Philippines a certain level of reaction capacity. In addition, with your betting house's app, you can comfortably bet live from anywhere with your mobile phone or tablet.


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