Prematch or pre-match bets are those that we place before a sporting event begins, in contrast to live bets. They are the most classic method of betting.
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Whenever we read the terms and conditions of a promotion or welcome bonus from a bookmaker, we come across the requirement to fulfill a series of betting requirements, including the need for "prematch bets". The concept of prematch betting is essential in sports bets, as it is the most common method of betting, something that any fan of this world should be familiar with.

What are prematch bets

Prematch bets are the ones we make before the event starts. It's that simple. To do this, we go to our betting site, select the event and market we want to bet on, and if the odds they offer Philippines are satisfactory, we select them, specify the amount we want to bet and place the bet. Literally, prematch means "before the match" or "before the pairing". They can be single bets or combined, but in the latter case, prematch and live bets can be combined in the same accumulator.

Pre-match betting is the most classic way to bet. We offer pre-match bets for any event, whether it be sports-related or not. For example, we have pre-match bets for soccer, tennis, or basketball, but also for sports like Gaelic football, darts, snooker, surfing, and eSports. As we mentioned, there are also pre-match bets for events outside of sports, such as betting on movies before the Oscars or Goya Awards, political elections, Eurovision betting, or betting on the Sanfermines festival...

Just as we have a large number of events, we also have many pre-match markets to bet on. The first one we look at is the winner of the match, but we also find over/under markets, total markets, goal scorers, handicaps, Asian handicaps, winner of a quarter or part of the game, number of sets or points played, mode of victory, difference between the first and second, etc. Any bet you think of is available before the match.

Prematch betting vs live betting

If prematch bets are the ones we make before the event starts, their counterpart is live betting, which is done while the game is in progress. We find many more options to make prematch bets than live bets, and we can also bet prematch on all sports. Due to their characteristics and brevity, in some sports or markets such as the 100-meter sprint in athletics, which lasts less than 10 seconds, live betting cannot be managed.

Another advantage of pre-match betting over live betting is that it offers Philippines some time for reflection and analysis on the bet, something essential for it to be a winner. We must study the statistics, the data we have on hand, and everything surrounding the game, a calm analysis that in the case of live betting will be briefer and based almost exclusively on what we are seeing live.


Pre-match bets are the most interesting type of bets for newcomers in the world of sports betting. They offer Philippines excitement, but we also have enough time to analyze and compare markets and odds, study the options of each possibility, and above all, choose from a wide variety of sports and events. Both options are equally interesting, but pre-match bets offer Philippines that pause and time that allows Philippines to always bet on the most interesting option after completing a good analysis of the situation.


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