How to download the Bet365 app on your mobile or tablet

The Bet365 app, available for iOS and Android, allows Philippines to bet on Bet365 from anywhere with our mobile or tablet. In addition, you can watch sporting events live or access exclusive promotions.
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Practically all betting houses have their own mobile application, and Bet365 is no exception. With the Bet365 app you can bet anytime and anywhere from your mobile or tablet, and that's what many players appreciate.

However, in order to get the most out of your bets, you need to know this application well. Even though it offers Philippines the same bets and markets as on the website, we should master everything related to the Bet365 app before starting to play. The Bet365 app is completely free, both for iOS and Android.

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How to download the Bet365 app

First of all, you need to know how to download the Bet365 app. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, it's very easy, as you can download the Bet365 app for iOS from iTunes just like any other app and install it on your device. Another option is to go to the Bet365 website from the browser on your iPhone or iPad and download it under Services > Mobile and Tablet, although the quickest option is from the App Store. The app is developed by Hillside (New Media) Limited, a company within the Bet365 group.

how to download bet365 app

If you are an Android user, you will know that Google Play Store policies prevent the bookmaker apps from being downloaded like any other app. Android users can download the official apk from the Bet365 website under Services > Mobile and tablet. Next, it must be installed on the device, for which we will have to authorize the download and installation of apps from unknown sources. This sound threatening, but it refers to other avenues besides Google Play, such as the Bet365 website.

How Bet365 app works

Once we have downloaded and installed the Bet365 app on our mobile device, it's time to try it out. To do this, we log in with our Bet365 username and we can start playing. The app will appear in English by default, but it is available in almost 20 languages.

The Bet365 app has easy and intuitive navigation that takes Philippines through the same sports and markets as we find on the web. You can bet easily, and we also have available functions like close bet or Create a bet.

app bet365

One of the most outstanding features is the possibility of enjoying live sports events through the Bet365 app, as long as you have made a bet or a deposit in the last 24 hours.

You have an endless amount of sports available (the video icon indicates that you can watch it live), and Bet365 recommends the use of wifi or 3G, to which we add a good data plan. Another relevant point is the push notifications, which will keep you informed all day and include exclusive offers.

In addition to accessing the sports betting section, with the Bet365 app you can also play in the casino section, poker or slot machines as if you were playing on the Bet365 website. Similarly, you can deposit funds or withdraw your winnings using the same payment methods available on the website.

You can install the Bet365 app on as many mobile devices as you want, although it's recommended not to log in on more than one device at a time (including computers).

Why isn't the Bet365 app working for me?

The most common cause of problems with the Bet365 app is an outdated mobile device, so if the Bet365 app is not loading or has stopped working, update your device. Bet365 not let you bet if you have the app open on two devices or on both the app and computer, so log out on the web or on one device and you'll be able to place your bet. If the Bet365 app runs slow, it's usually due to connection issues: weak wifi signal, poor coverage, no data...

Download the Bet365 app
Download the Bet365 app

Place your bets from your mobile or tablet with Bet365 and access live sports events with exclusive bonuses and promotions.

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Frequently asked questions about bet365 app

Can I register on Bet365 from the application?
Yes. You can sign up on the Bet365 app just like you would on the website.
Can I make deposits and withdraw money with the Bet365 app?
Yes. Among the many functions offered by the Bet365 app is the management of our funds, which includes both making deposits through the different payment methods and requesting the withdrawal of your winnings.
Why isn't the Bet365 app on the Play Store?
Google's policy prevents apps with certain content from being in the Play Store. Therefore, neither the Bet365 application nor the apps from other operators can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android as we can download them from the App Store for iOS. In any case, you can download the bet365 app from the web.
Is the Bet365 mobile app or web better?
Both options offer Philippines the same possibilities, but it is undeniable that the Bet365 app offers Philippines much faster access than the browser, where we should search the web and log in before accessing the bets.
What are the advantages of installing the Bet365 app?
You can do the same as you would from the website. With the Bet365 app we can register in the bookie, place bets, close them through the cash-out function, manage our funds or watch live sports through their streaming service. In addition, you can activate push notifications to be aware of news or promotions.
What bets are there in the Bet365 app?
The same bets as on the web. You can bet on the same number of sports, events and markets. The only difference is that you can change the order, but the available bets and odds are identical in the app and on the web.
Can I bet on the Bet365 app and my computer at the same time?
You can log in on several devices at the same time (computer, mobile, tablet), and although in principle we can bet from the app and the computer at the same time, it is preferable to bet from a single device to avoid possible problems or technical failures that prevent placing the bet.
How often is the Bet365 app updated?
Don't worry about updates to the Bet365 app, because it's based on the website itself, so it takes a long time between updates.
Is there a Bet365 app for PC?
No. Bet365 only has an application for mobile devices. On the computer we can only access this bookmaker through the browser.


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