How to download the Codere app on your mobile or tablet

With the Codere app, available on iOS and Android, we can bet on Codere with our mobile or tablet from anywhere, in addition to managing funds in stores, following the matches live or playing their slots.
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Even though all bookmakers have a responsive web design, adapted to mobile phones and tablet screens, more and more betting houses are offering Philippines their Betting Apps. This is the case of codere, because with the Codere app we can play and manage our account whenever and wherever we want from our phone or tablet, something that many users appreciate.

The Codere betting app has the same functionalities as those found on the website of this betting house, but logically there are small aspects that change. Therefore, before starting to use it, it is important to thoroughly understand the app. And remember that the Codere app is completely free for Android and iOS, you don't have to pay to download or use it.

How to download the Codere app

The first thing to do is to have a clear understanding of how to download the Codere app, as the process differs significantly depending on the operating system of our devices. If we have an iPhone or iPad, we can download it like any other app; in Android, however, things are different, but in any case you can download the app from the Codere website.

Download Codere app on iOS

It's enough to search for "Codere - Sports Betting" in the App Store or on iTunes to download the Codere app. We download and install it on our iPhone or iPad like any other betting app. Another option is to go to the Codere website and scroll down to the Codere app icon for iOS. Here are the steps:

  1. Access the App Store application from your mobile device.
  2. Click on the Search icon.
  3. Enter "Codere apuestas" in the search box and select the result that appears after the search.
  4. Press the "Get" button and the app will be ready for download.

Download Codere app on Android

Play Store does not offer sports betting applications like Codere's, so we will have to download the .apk file from the Codere website. Go to "Bet on your mobile", enter your phone number, and you will receive a free SMS with the link to download the .apk file to your device and manually install the application by granting all permissions. There is no risk involved. Here are the steps:

  1. Access the Codere website.
  2. Click on the "Bet on your mobile" section in the top menu or "Download app" in the footer.
  3. Enter your mobile number in the text box and click the "Send links via SMS" button.
  4. You will receive an SMS on your mobile phone with a link from which you can download the Android app

How Codere App works

Once installed, you can use the Codere app and start betting with it. Naturally, first of all, you will have to log in. Log in to the Codere app with the same username and password you use to bet on your PC, and you can start betting or managing your funds. In the upper right corner, you will see the balance you have.

Navigation is very easy and intuitive, allowing you to easily navigate through the offered sports and live bets. In the "My Bets" button, you will find your different open bets, so you can check their status and, if you wish, close them.

We also have the option of following sports events live through the Codere app. It is not necessary to have placed a bet on the event or have a balance in the account, although some sports such as greyhound or horse racing have some type of restriction.

Another interesting option is in-person betting collection. Log in, go to My Account > Local Codere Collection and indicate how much balance you want to withdraw. You will receive an identifying barcode for the transaction, which you must take to your usual location. To complete Codere withdrawals in-store, simply show this code and your ID or a similar document, and the clerk will give you the cash.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the possibility of playing at the online casino with Codere Betting app. You can enjoy games such as slot machines or live roulette, which will broaden your options and enhance your gaming experience thanks to the application.

Advantages of using the Codere app

Using the Codere app has countless advantages. To begin with, we can access sports betting faster than from the web browser on our device. It is not necessary to log in every time we open the application, so we will gain some valuable seconds to not miss out on the best odds especially for live betting. Additionally, you can watch live events and follow live scores, with more agile navigation than on the browser's web page.

The other great advantage is precisely the possibility of depositing or withdrawing funds at our usual Codere betting shop. In a sports betting house with relatively few payment methods enabled, especially when compared to other sports betting houses, having the option of withdrawing cash at the shops is a plus. Finally, it is worth noting that the betting app is supplemented with access to the casino.

How to place bets from the Codere app

Betting on Codere App is very simple. Just log in and access the Codere sportsbook. We can use the search function to quickly find the sport or event we're interested in, and select the market we're interested in by clicking on it. The bet is added to the bet slip, where we indicate the amount we want to bet - and, in the case of % A_32%, whether we want to convert them into system bets. Place the bet and you'll receive a confirmation message.

Download the Codere app

Place bets from your mobile or tablet with Codere and access live sports events with exclusive bonuses and promotions.

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Frequently asked questions about codere app

Can I register at Codere from the app?
Yes. If you are not yet registered with Codere, you can register with this bookmaker from its app and take advantage of its wide variety of sports and markets..
Can I make deposits and withdraw money with the Codere app?
Yes. You can manage your funds with the Codere app. It also allows you to deposit balance or withdraw earnings at Codere stores.
Why isn't the Codere app in the Play Store?
Google excludes from the Play Store apps with certain content, including the game. For this reason, neither the Codere app nor the online betting, casino or poker apps of the rest of the operators present in the Philippines appear in the Play Store. Of course, you can download the Codere app from its website without problems.
Is the Codere mobile app or web better?
It all depends on the user's preferences, since we can practically do the same thing, but the app is always faster. We have it at hand, with a session started, and we will gain very useful time, especially for betting live.
What are the advantages of installing the Codere app?
With the Codere app we can do the same thing we would do on the web: place bets, close our bets, follow Codere streaming, manage our funds... In addition, it allows Philippines to make deposits and withdrawals at Codere stores, follow the results, we have notifications and we can play in their slots.
What bets are there in the Codere app?
In the Codere app we have available the same bets as on the web for the same sports, events and markets. Maybe the layout will change, but we have exactly the same bets with the same odds.
Can I bet on the Codere app and the computer at the same time?
Technically it is possible, but not recommended. The ideal is to log in on only one device, otherwise errors may occur and you may find that you cannot place a bet due to being active on two different devices.
How often is the Codere app updated?
Although the app is updated periodically, it can take several months or even more than a year between one update and another, especially on Android. Do not worry about it. Also, you can let it update automatically like other apps on your device.
Is there a Codere application for PC?
No. Codere only has an application for mobile devices. To bet from your computer, simply access its website from our browser.

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