Quantum Roulette


The gaming sector does not stop advancing, and one of the latest innovations to reach online casinos has been Quantum roulette, a new version of live roulette with which we can obtain great prizes thanks to the multipliers. A different way of playing live roulette, with the feeling of being in the casino from the place you choose, interacting with the dealer or with the other players in a visually spectacular game that promises take live roulette to a new dimension.

What is Quantum Roulette?

The Quantum Roulette is a live roulette that integrates a series of multipliers, allowing you to receive a bonus of up to x500 on your bet. Every time the ball spins, at least two multipliers are randomly selected, giving Philippines the chance to win a prize that exceeds what we would get by placing a normal bet. This roulette has the seal of Playtech and can be found in more and more online casinos. It is characterized by a "quantum" vision, a virtual studio where the dealer is the only real thing and a futuristic look.

The key to this roulette is the straight bets, which are where the multiplier applies since they are not applied to other bets such as neighbors, even/odd, etc. So, if 12 has a multiplier and we bet on 12, we can take advantage of the multiplier; but if we bet on even, red, the first dozen, or any other multiple bet that includes 12, we collect it as a regular bet.

Unlike live roulette, where many operators broadcast from physical casinos or gaming halls, Quantum roulette is a virtual roulette with a flesh-and-blood croupier who handles the game and interacts with players at the table. The croupier themselves will indicate when bets open and close, the multipliers, and the winning number and bets.

As expected, we have a live chat available to converse with the croupier or other users in the room, making the experience even more complete. It goes without saying that Quantum Roulette is a completely safe game, developed by one of the most prestigious online casino software providers. If this were not the case, the most important online casinos in Philippines would not have added this game to their selection, risking their reputation.

Varieties of Quantum Roulette

This is a new game, so for now the Quantum roulette is only available in the european roulette mode, also known as single zero roulette. Maybe in the future we will have French and American Quantum roulette, but for now we have to settle for the European roulette. It is worth noting that the Quantum roulette maintains the 97.30% RTP of the European roulette if we use a good strategy.

Although direct bets are the key to accessing multipliers, we can make regular bets on European roulette at Quantum roulette. However, it is important to note that in simple bets, the guidelines of the casino are followed: if the ball falls on 0, even/odd type bets be "in prison" or cancelled. The 0 is another slot, and we encounter multipliers on 0.

Best Quantum Roulette Casinos

Any casino that uses Playtech as their casino provider offers Philippines the Quantum roulette in their game catalog. Live roulette is becoming an increasingly popular game, and among the many options we have to play live roulette, the Quantum roulette is slowly gaining followers among live roulette fans. We can find the Quantum roulette in the live roulette and casino sections. Another aspect to keep in mind is that many online casinos offer interesting promotions for playing online roulette.

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As it couldn't be otherwise, we can play Quantum roulette from our mobile or tablet either using the mobile app -which is the preferred option- or through the browser, since the vast majority of online casino operators, if not all, have their websites optimized for mobile devices. Playing from the Android or iOS app always provides a better experience.

How Quantum Roulette Works

Basically, the mechanism of the Quantum Roulette is similar to any live roulette. At the call of "place your bets", we have to place our bet, which we have a certain amount of time to do. You will see the countdown in the center of the screen, and then the multipliers will appear. There are two or three completely random multipliers; first we see the multipliers (x50, x100, x200, x250, x500) and then each multiplier is randomly assigned to one of the 37 figures on the table.

Finally, the ball is launched and stops on the winning number, which will determine whether our bets are winners or losers. The bets are paid out and we start over again. Simple bets (even/odd, red/black, low/high) pay out at 1 to 1 odds, while column or dozen bets pay out at 2 to 1 odds. Line bets pay out at 5 to 1 odds, corner/basket bets pay out at 8 to 1 odds, street bets pay out at 11 to 1 odds, and split bets pay out at 17 to 1 odds. Straight bets pay out between 29 and 499 to 1 odds, depending on the multiplier - if there is one - that we have.

Advantages and disadvantages of Quantum roulette

It is clear that multipliers are the main attraction of Quantum Roulette, as you can obtain much higher winnings than any other live or non-live roulette. Added to this multiplier is that it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the hyper-realistic experience of playing from home in an online casino. The setting is excellent, and we can play in a futuristic environment.

  • Multiply earnings x500
  • 24-hour available roulette
  • Realistic experience
  • Visual and spectacular game
  • You can play on apps
  • Multiplier only in direct bets
  • Offered only by Playtech
  • French and American versions not available
  • No demo mode

On the other hand, we have the exclusivity of Playtech, not forgetting that multipliers only apply to direct bets and not to other types of bets. Another downside is the limited variety, as we are forced to play the European version, since French and American versions are not available. One last thing to consider is that the demo mode is not enabled, which is common for any live roulette game, although we can still watch the games without placing bets to learn about the game.

Quantum Roulette Limits

Just like European or live roulette have different betting limits depending on the table - as do French and American roulette - Quantum roulette also has them, but in this case it is worth noting that there are no VIP Quantum roulette tables. It is the casinos themselves that limit the amount of money we can bet in this exciting game, enabling more or less chips; but always playing at the same tables.

We can place bets of 0.2, 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25, 100, and 500 dollars depending on the play that we have in mind and our availability. So, if you have a balance of 99$, you cannot make a bet of 100$ on the Quantum roulette. If you are a part of the VIP club, you have some extra benefits for playing Quantum roulette, but it is worth noting that you don't need a large bankroll to play Quantum roulette, with a small amount you can have a good gaming session, something that physical casinos do not always allow.

Play Quantum Roulette for free

Regular followers of casinotips.ph know that we always recommend in all our casino guides to get familiar with the game before starting to bet real money, which often involves using the demo mode of the roulette table, the black Jack, or the slot machine. However, the demo mode is not available for live roulette, and the Quantum roulette is no exception, so we can only play Quantum roulette for money.

Does this mean we can't play for free? Not entirely, since we can always use the casino bonuses and other Quantum roulette promotions to play with fictional balance before starting to bet with real money. The no deposit bonuses are another good option, especially if your casino doesn't offer this game and you want to try it out. Sign up for another casino that offers Philippines a free bonus and take advantage of it to play Quantum roulette.

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