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One of the many reasons behind the success of roulette in casinos around the world are the sensations experienced at the roulette table, that emotional carousel in which The company of the croupier, the rest of the players and the public located around the table. Precisely that experience that can only be described by those who have sat down in front of roulette is one of the things that is most missed when we play online roulette. However, only the best live casinos offer Philippines the best solution to the coldness of online roulette: live roulette.

What is live roulette?

Surely, the live roulette option is available on your preferred online casino website, but not all players are familiar with the game. After all, we know the french roulette, european roulette, and american roulette versions of the game that we find in any online gaming salon, but... what about live roulette? Well, live roulette is a mode that allows Philippines to play roulette from home with real dealers and other players, simulating the real conditions of physical casinos.

Live streaming services allow Philippines to enjoy in real time an event that is taking place anywhere in the world. Well, online game software developers took advantage of the benefits offered by live streaming to adapt it to the game of roulette, offering Philippines the possibility of playing roulette live, with a real-life dealer and the added bonus of sharing the session with other players who be miles away from you but share the same room.

For a truly complete experience, online casinos with live roulette offer Philippines a chat service to keep in touch with dealers and other players, which adds even more realism to live roulette sessions. Technically, it's like being in the actual casino with the added benefits of playing from home. Another noteworthy aspect is that this reinforces game transparency, especially for those skeptical players who are not entirely convinced with online roulette.

In fact, there are online roulettes that offer Philippines live image from different points of the room so that it is the player who decides from where he wants to see the roulette and the mat. Needless to say, both conventional online roulette and live roulette are 100% fair games, subject to the strict gambling legislation that guarantees honesty on the part of the casino. If it were not so, the gaming hall would lose its license to operate in Philippines, the live roulette would be closed and obviously we would not be talking about it.

Live Roulette Varieties

As a roulette enthusiast, you should know that we have three game modalities: French, European, and American. While the first two differ in minor issues such as the arrangement of bets on the table or the application of certain rules that affect simple bets when the number 0 comes up, American roulette is a completely different game with one extra number - 00 - that affects both the layout of the numbers on the wheel and the player's chances. However, bets are paid the same in all three types of roulette.

Online casinos allow Philippines to play live in the three types of roulette. Each casino operates differently, but it is common for Philippines to encounter a catalog that includes the different live roulette options when we access the roulette section. All you have to do is select one of the French, European, or American options. It also be possible to access the online casino and, once the live roulette is open, a menu appears for Philippines to choose the mode that interests Philippines most.

Finally, we have to talk about the automatic or slingshot roulette, a variant of live roulette that is characterized by the absence of a croupier, which offers Philippines a much faster game pace. There is a pneumatic device powered by compressed air that is responsible for introducing the ball onto the roulette wheel, which is usually the European roulette wheel. Depending on the model and provider, these roulette tables launch between 60 and 80 spins per hour, and results and statistics tracking are also done in real-time.

Best Live Roulette Casinos

It is almost impossible to stick to just one live roulette, as we have different modalities, such as premium or VIP roulettes... The ideal would be to find a casino that offers Philippines all the existing varieties of roulette and also allows Philippines to play on conventional tables, VIP tables, etc. For all of them, a demand that can be excessive. In any case, online casinos know the importance of live roulette, it is a product that they take good care of and that allows Philippines to enjoy a great gaming experience.

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It is also worth noting that the vast majority of casinos allow playing live roulette on mobile devices, whether through the website or by using the casino's own app, which you can install on Android and iOS devices completely for free. The ability to play live roulette on your tablet or mobile device is a plus that helps improve the gaming experience, increasing the possibilities we have.

How live roulette works

When a player enters a live roulette room, they do not do so directly as a player, but rather as a spectator or observer. This way, we can analyze the different aspects of the game, each player's style, check the latest numbers that have come out, etc. In fact, it is the same as what we would do if we were in front of a real physical casino roulette. On one side of the screen, you will find the chat, which you can use to communicate with the croupier and other players in the room.

Before placing our bets, it is interesting to make sure that the Le Partage rule is applied in French roulette and the En Prison rule in European roulette, especially if you plan to place bets that be affected by these rules. We can ask the dealer to clarify any doubts. Once the current round is over, you can place your bets before the time runs out and the dealer spins the wheel. If your bet is a winner, you will receive your winnings; if not, you will lose the chips you played. You have chips of different values to place your bets.

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Advantages and disadvantages of live roulette

Without a doubt, the great advantage of playing live roulette is the realism of the experience, which transports Philippines to a casino. The setting is also usually excellent, and we have a wide variety of schedules and offers. In fact, it is easy to find live roulette rooms that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can place your bets whenever you want. As for the offer, we see that software providers such as NetEnt, Playtech, or Evolution Gaming, the most important in the sector, offer live roulettes.

  • We can choose between French, European, American or automatic roulette
  • 24/7 online roulette
  • Different betting limits: you'll find the perfect live roulette for you.
  • It can be played from mobile devices
  • The same feeling as if you were playing in a casino
  • We cannot play in demo mode
  • There are casinos that offer the same live roulette
  • You can find empty rooms, with no activity beyond the dealer's
  • Playing at a physical casino can be more exciting

Live Roulette Limits

However, online roulette also has some aspects that we can highlight in the negative section. One of them is that when a software provider offers the same game to several casinos, we can find the same live roulette in different online casinos, which can be shocking and even disappointing if what we are looking for is a different game or other dealers. Something more random are empty rooms, with no live players at certain times where you can find yourself playing alone with the dealer on duty, something almost unthinkable in a physical casino.

Many players wonder about the betting limits for live roulette, and the answer is given by the table offerings of each casino. Although we share the table with other players who make higher bets, our bets will always have the same value, so the player is responsible for managing their funds regardless of what bets the rest of the players make. Tables are available for all types of players, from the most cautious to the high rollers.

In fact, there are online casinos that offer Philippines high betting limits, up to $25,000 on simple bets and up to $1,000 on full bets, as well as certain promotions for premium roulette users or members of the casino's VIP club. But it's not necessary to have a large budget, with a small amount we can enjoy live roulette without the limitations that physical casinos can impose on us.

Play live roulette for free

A piece of advice we always give is to try the game in demo mode to get familiar with it before playing with our real money. However, it is not possible to play live roulette in demo mode. Online casinos do allow Philippines to play the rest of the roulette game variations for free, but when it comes to playing live roulette, this option is not available. Offering this game incurs a great expense for online casinos, so they only allow Philippines to play live roulette with real money.

However, before placing bets we can familiarize ourselves with different commands, on-screen navigation and with the game itself by spending a few minutes in spectator mode. A final option we have is to use a casino bonus in live roulette, be it a welcome bonus or as a result of a promotion or no deposit bonus; nevertheless, we recommend that you read the bonus terms and conditions carefully since on occasion we not be able to use them to play live roulette.

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