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With its 37 slots, we could say that French roulette is the original version of one of the most popular and characteristic casino games. Its success in gaming halls around the world was the best justification for the main online gaming software developers to bet on it, and today it is practically impossible to find a online casino a> that does not offer French roulette in its catalog of games. The bet for her was a complete success, so let's get to know her a little better.

Basic features of French roulette

The main characteristic of French roulette is that it has 37 slots. From 1 to 36 they are divided into red and black, while 0 is green, and from 0 we can divide the roulette into two halves of 18 numbers each. The layout has simple bets (red/black, even/odd, low/high) and the dozens are divided between the two sides of the central area, reserved for the 36 numbers. We can access the layout from both sides of the table, and although the columns are not printed.

Compared to other versions of roulette such as American, this one is larger in size and is played sitting down, so there are chairs for players and croupiers. One of its characteristic features is that each chip has a different value. A final aspect to highlight is that if we take the two halves of 18 numbers on each side of the zero, we can see that each one has 6 numbers from each dozen and each column, 9 red numbers, 9 black numbers, 9 even numbers, 9 odd numbers, 9 high numbers, and 9 low numbers.

French Roulette Rules

At a high level, French roulette is a very easy game to understand. The player bets on where the metal ball thrown by the croupier will land -we will see the different types of bets that exist later- and if the ball lands where the player predicted, they win. If not, the bet is lost. However, there is an element that can modify the outcome of the bet and is accompanied by two special rules: the 0.

Usually, when the ball falls on 0, the Le Partage rule is applied. This rule is applied in even bets, where we have a 50% chance of winning - for example, on even/odd bets - and consists of getting back 50% of the bet amount. In online casinos it is quite common to find the En Prison rule, where in the same circumstances the bet is held on the table. The chips are marked and the player can recover them in the next spin.

Where to play French roulette

As we said at the beginning, it is practically impossible to find an online casino where we cannot play French roulette nowadays. If you want to try this game, the first thing you have to do is log in to your usual casino or gaming room and access the roulette section. Once there, select the version of French roulette you want to play and start betting. The difference between the different French roulettes usually lies in the amount to bet or whether or not it is multiplayer.

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Although it varies depending on the casino, generally we have a collection of chips of various values, and we bet by clicking first on the chip and then on the table. Each click adds a chip to the table. It is also common in online French roulette to make neighbour or announced bets by clicking on the corresponding button. When your bet is ready, just spin the roulette.

Differences between French roulette and European and American roulette

A common mistake is confusing the French and European roulette. It is true that both are roulette games with 37 numbers, from 0 to 36 and a green 0, but the difference between the French and European roulette can be found in the betting mat. Whereas the French roulette mat allows outside bets on both sides, the European mat only allows them on one side. In addition, French roulette has value chips while the european roulette uses colored chips, the same as the american roulette.

Beyond the chips used, there are three other distinguishing elements between French and American roulette: the 00 in American roulette, which does not exist in French roulette; the La Partage rule, which helps players earn more profits; and the design of the table and felt, since we can access the cloth from both sides of the table and columns do not appear printed. In physical casinos, the American roulette table is taller because European roulette is played sitting down and American roulette is played standing up.

Types of French roulette bets

We can divide bets on French roulette into simple bets and multiple bets. The simple bets include those with only one betting option among several, and can be on color (red or black), even or odd, low (winning numbers between 1 and 18) or high (winning numbers between 19 and 36). The single number bets or straight up bets are also part of the simple bets. In turn, multiple bets cover several possibilities for success:

  • Dozens: we bet on 12 numbers, from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24 or from 25 to 36.
  • Columns: the numbers appear in three columns on the mat (from 1 to 34, from 2 to 35 and from 3 to 36), and we can bet on the 12 numbers of each column.
  • Horse: bet on two adjacent numbers on the playing surface by placing the chip on the line that separates these numbers on the table.
  • Seisena: We bet on six numbers located in two adjacent rows of three horizontal numbers.
  • Square: bet on four numbers located together on the table by placing the chip on the corner that connects them.
  • Street: a bet on three numbers located in a transversal row.

Another way to classify bets on French roulette is according to their location on the layout. Thus, inside bets correspond to those made on numbers (simple, announced, neighbors) while outside bets (red/black, even/odd, low/high, dozens) are those made on the outer part of the cloth. The 0 is also located on the outside of the layout, although we can only make simple bets that include it.

Strategies and tricks to play French roulette

One of the reasons explaining the great success of French roulette is that it is the most favorable roulette for the player of all the types of roulette that exist. The La Partage rule and the fact that there is only one 0 offer Philippines certain advantages over the bank. One of the most common tricks when playing roulette is to make outside bets instead of inside bets, since we play at 50% and even though the prize is lower the chances of winning are higher, making them more profitable bets.

In the chapter of roulette strategies, we come across The Martingale, which consists of repeating an outside bet by doubling the bet amount after each loss, or The D'Alembert method, which is based on adding one unit to the bet in case of a loss and subtracting it if you win. These are two strategies that require a large bankroll, especially The Martingale. They are the two most common roulette strategies, although each player has their own strategies and tricks. However, no system guarantees Philippines winnings.

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