Scorecast bets combine the exact score and first scorer bet. They are one of the most difficult markets out there, but if you manage to get it right you have an excellent odds waiting for you.
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As we gain experience in the world of betting, it's natural to seek new challenges, and one of them is scorecast betting. This is one of the most challenging markets offered by bookmakers, which also translates into very attractive odds due to the difficulty of predicting the outcomes.

It should not be confused with wincast bets, which are very similar but somewhat more affordable, a mistake that inexperienced players often make.

What are scorecast bets

Scorecast bets are a double bet on the exact score and first goal scorer. In practice, it is an accumulator, a combined bet where we have to guess these two variables for the bet to be successful. The exact score is one of the most difficult markets out there, and that's where the fun of the bet lies. In wincast bets, we only have to predict the winner and first goal scorer, hence the confusion, but as the name suggests, in scorecast bets, the focus is on the score.

Each betting house is different, and it is important to pay close attention to the rules it offers for the scorecast market. It is common for Philippines to have a void bet if the player we bet on as the first scorer is not a starter. Another aspect to consider is own goals, which count for the exact score bet but not for the first scorer (the next goal scorer will be the one who scores the next goal).

Imagine the Barça and Real Sociedad playing. A good example of a scorecast bet is betting on Barça to win 3-1 and Messi to score the first goal. To win the bet, both circumstances must occur. If the match ends 3-1 but Messi hasn't scored the first goal, we lose the bet. The same goes if Messi scores the first goal of the match but the final result is anything other than 3-1.

Pros and cons of the scorecast market

The great advantage of scorecast, its high odds, are precisley its great disadvantage since they show how difficult it is to win these bets. Another advantage be the promotions of some betting houses where if you guess the exact result but not the first scorer or vice versa, they will give you back your bet, though this is specific and occasional. You also play against a 0-0 draw, which can ruin your bet.

Tips for betting on the scorecast

Analysis is key in these bets, as it is very difficult to come up with the exact result. There is no foolproof strategy to follow, as each game is a different world and any small detail can make the result one way or the other. Scorers on a roll, sanctioned or injured players, the next game...these are aspects to take into account before making this type of bet. And given the difficulty involved, it is preferable to go with a low stake that will have a high return thanks to the high odds offered.


Brian Dekker
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    You lose! You have to guess both predictions, that is, the match result and the first scorer.

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    Luis sarmiento

    If in this case I bet that Mohamed Salah scores Liverpool's first goal... Hmm, :1-0 and the other team scores first and my player is the one who makes the equalizer... Do I lose or win?

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