Wincast bets combine the match winner and scorer bet at any time, although there are first or last scorer versions. Discover the keys to bet in a market that usually has high odds.
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With over a hundred betting markets in most matches, and even surpassing 200 in some, it's not surprising we come across unknown bets, especially if we're new to the world of sports betting. One of these lesser-known markets are wincast bets, which are actually very similar to scorecast, although wincast bets are much more familiar than they seem.

What are wincast bets?

Wincast bets are a combined market that includes bets on the match winner (1X2) and anytime scorer. Naturally, for the bet to be a winner, we must correctly predict both premises. If we only guess one, the bet will be a loser. The combination of two events in the match, with one being the bet on the player who scores, makes wincast bets have generally high odds, making it a very attractive market for bettors.

It is worth noting that they are not available in all sports, only in those where betting on the scorer is usual. It doesn't take a genius to imagine that football is the sport where this type of bet is most common, which is also common in similar sports such as ice hockey. There are also betting houses that offer live wincast bets.

How to make wincast bets?

Placing wincast bets is much easier than it seems. Simply go to the match you want to bet on and look for the wincast market, which appear as "final result and scorer" or with similar formulas in some bookies. Select the outcome you expect and the player who will score and just indicate the amount bet and confirm the bet. Another option, if the wincast is not available, is to take advantage of tools like create your bet to bet on the final result (1X2) + scorer.

In addition to traditional wincast bets, we have two variants of wincast where the 1X2 bet is maintained but instead of the anytime scorer, we can bet on the first or last scorer. Naturally, the odds will be higher than those of traditional wincast bets as they are more difficult bets. However, wincast should not be confused with scorecast or timecast, where the bet is placed on the exact score and the first scorer or the first team to score respectively.

Pros and cons of the wincast market

Wincast bets have advantages, such as a fairly high odds, which allows Philippines to improve what is paid in bets on the winner of the match by the favorite; and they are much more feasible than scorecast or timecast bets. However, their high odds make them risky bets, since bets on goal scorers always involve a risk that the user must decide whether or not to take. The bettor must find the balance between odds and risk, something that is not always easy.

Tips for betting on the wincast

It is precisely because of the need to find the balance between the odds and the risk that it is a market recommended for experienced bettors who can manage the bank and stake perfectly. This market requires a deep analysis of the match we are going to bet on, both for the 1X2 bets and the scorer bets. The players' form, a team's weakness in aerial play against great headers, or the condition of defenders and goalkeepers can be decisive in resolving these bets.

It is also important to consider a number of scenarios where wincast bets are voided (or are voided in most bookmakers, make sure to read the betting rules of your bookie):

  • Own goals: If a player scores an own goal, it does not count towards the wincast. If all goals in the match are own goals, wincast bets be void.
  • The player is not a starter: again, it depends on the bookie and the sport, but if the player you have included in a wincast bet does not play, the bet is always voided. If they come on as a substitute, it is most likely that their wincast bets will also be voided.
  • 90' Betting: like any other market, wincast bets are for 90 minutes, including injury time. What happens in extra time or penalty shootouts doesn't count.
  • Suspended match: if a match is suspended after the first goal, betting companies usually cancel wincast bets.

Naturally, we cannot bet on a 0-0 outcome in the wincast market as these are two incompatible markets and it will be impossible to find such a bet at any bookmaker. Apart from that, betting on wincast is very easy, provided you know how to manage your funds and take necessary risks. Naturally, if we include a forward in this bet, we will have more options to win than with a midfielder or defender.


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