When a team or participant is not a favorite in betting, we say that it is an "outsider", a figure that we cannot lose sight of in the world of betting. Find out what they are and how to bet on outsiders.
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In most cases, we bet on the favorite in a sports event but in our search for bets with value we can stick with the outsider, one of the participants who has a chance to win but is not the favorite at first glance. An outsider is synonymous with underdog, since by betting on them we bet against the favorite, but we have several formulas for betting on outsiders in a strategy that will yield results in the medium and long term.

What is an outsider in betting?

An outsider is a team or participant who is not favored to win the competition, similar to an underdog, but who could achieve the final victory. It's a term we can use in racing or in long term bets. For example, we can say that Marquez is the favorite to win a motorcycle race but that Dovizioso, Vinales, Rossi or Lorenzo are outsiders; that Barcelona and Real Madrid are the favorites to win the Copa del Rey but that Atletico, Valencia or Sevilla are outsiders who have their chances.

Outsiders in horse racing and greyhound betting

The horse betting or Greyhound racing are very friendly to outsiders. Let's remember that the term underdog comes from this world, and that these are races where although there is usually a favorite in the betting, they don't always win. Beyond win/place bets , these sports offer Philippines different types of bets with which we can cover several horses or greyhounds at once, increasing the chances of winning. For example, betting on second (place) or third (show) covers two or three places respectively.

Tips for betting on outsiders

Like any other bet, information and value are key when betting on outsiders. Here are a series of tips for betting on outsiders, but it's important to remember that this is a long-term strategy that will require effort to be fruitful.

  • Winner/placed: a market that can bring Philippines great profits if our outsider doesn't win but finishes in the top positions. We can find it in bets on races (motorcycles, Formula 1, cycling, athletics, as well as the mentioned greyhounds and horses) but also in long-term bets such as League champion.
  • Handicaps: another way to take advantage of an outsider is through handicap bets, which give them a small advantage on the scoreboard. Thus, even if the team doesn't win the game, the bet will be a winner if the handicap is met. Very interesting in sports like basketball and in statistical football bets such as cards or corners.
  • Bet on sports you know: it is one of the keys to succeed in any bet, especially when we are not betting on the favorite. You have to know the sport and the idiosyncrasy of each team, from whether they thrive at home or shy away from away games to injury reports or trends in recent games.
  • The big games: A Clásico, a Nadal-Federer match, the Ireland-England Six Nations game, the Champions League final, the NBA or Euroleague playoffs, a derby... In special matches, betting in favor of the underdog have less risk than if we bet on them in a match with less symbolic weight.
  • Betting with controlled stake: no matter how much value you see, don't forget that the outsider is not the favorite and your bet end up losing. That's why we'll play with a low stake. However, we can compare the odds of different bookmakers and invest the stake in the one that offers Philippines a better odd.


Brian Dekker
Brian Dekker

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