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Betting on the victory of a team is not always profitable, especially if the difference with the rival is very high, so we have to look for alternative markets. One of them is goal line bets, one of the most popular markets in football betting but also appears in other sports such as handball or water polo. In the case of basketball, we would talk about the points line, in tennis the sets line, and basically what it is about is a over/under like the one we can find in cards, corners, etc.

What does goal line mean in betting?

“Goal line” refers to the total number of goals we will see in a match, and we have two options to choose from: over and under, also known as "over" and "under" in English. The user only has to decide whether the goal line will be exceeded or the match will be below it and place their bet. The most common goal line is 2.5 goals, although fortunately betting houses offer Philippines alternatives of all kinds to play in this market, some of them very interesting.

All betting houses offer Philippines this market, either under the title of "goal line" or with other titles. In any case, what differentiates the offers - beyond the odds - is the type of goal line that they offer us. Little by little, the houses are increasing their offer, and it is not uncommon to find markets where we bet on the goal line of a single team, regardless of the total number of goals in the match, or on the goal line of the first half, without being interested in the second half.

Goal line types

In some bookies we will only have one average goal line, such as 2.5, but in others you can also bet on exact numbers, which adds the possibility of canceling the bet, or even quarters, although not all bookies offer them. Each goal line has its pros and cons, below we present them according to the frequency with which they are found in betting houses and include an example of each type.

Over/under goal line

It is the most common and easiest to understand. We have a goal line finished in .5, for example the usual 2.5 goals. All you have to do is decide whether there will be more or fewer goals than the goal line. There are only two possible outcomes: we win or lose the bet.

Betting on +2.5 goals in a match wins the bet if there are 3 goals or more, but if there are 1, 2 or no goals you lose. Conversely, if you bet on -2.5 goals and there are 1, 2 or no goals, you win; but if there are 3 or more goals, you lose the bet.

entire goal line

The goal line is presented as a whole number, for example "2" or "2.0", and we have to decide whether it is exceeded or we stay below it. However, there is another variable, the one of scoring as many goals as the goal line indicates, in which case the bet is canceled. Therefore, we have three possible outcomes: correct, void or incorrect.

In a goal line of +2.0, you win the bet if there are 3 or more goals. It is canceled if exactly two goals are scored - you recover the amount wagered - and if there is one or no goal, you lose the bet. On the other hand, if we bet on -2.0, we win if there is one or no goal. The second goal cancels the bet, and the third goal makes Philippines lose.

split goal line

We have two possibilities, those that end in .25 and .75; and in both cases the bet is divided in two. There are two ways to express them. The .25 ones, like 2.25, are also written as 2/2.5, and the .75 ones like 2.75 are sometimes found as 2.5/3. There are four possible outcomes: you can win or lose the bet, but you can also win it partially (only in bets -.25 or +.75) or lose it partially (only in bets +.25 or -.75). In case of partial victory or defeat, half the bet is returned and the other half is won or lost.

Betting on the goal line +2.25, we win with 3 goals or more, lose with none or one goal, and partially lose with 2 goals, although you get half back. Betting on the goal line -2.25 goals, we win with one or no goals, lose with 3 or more goals, and with 2 goals where you win half the bet and get half back. Betting on the line +2.75 wins with 4 or more goals, loses with 2 or less, and partially loses with 3. Betting on the line -2.75 wins with 2 or less goals, loses with 4 or more, and obtains a partial victory if there are 3 goals.

Difference between goal line and total goals

The concepts of "goal line" and "total goals" are often confused, as they are very similar concepts. However, "total goals" usually refers to the over/under finished in .5 (for example, +2.5 or -2.5), while the "goal line" also includes whole and quarter goals. In fact, the "goal line" would be the Asian handicap in terms of goals, as in this handicap you can also bet on a team and add or subtract a goal, half a goal, 0.25 goals, 0.75 goals, etc.

Where to bet with goal line?

As we have mentioned, all bookmakers allow Philippines to bet on the goal line, although each one offers a different offer. These are, from our point of view, the 5 best bookmakers to bet on the goal line:

  1. Bet365: In both main and Asian markets, you can find Goal line and Additional Goal line markets, as well as Goal line markets for the 1st half.
  2. Wanabet: in Asian lines > Asian total, the different goal lines for the match are shown, as well as the Asian total for the first half.
  3. Pastón: both in all and in goals we see the total number of goals (lines .5 and .0) and the Asian total (lines .25 and .75), in addition to the goal line of each team or the 1st half.
  4. Marathon: In total markets you will find on one hand the total goals (lines .5 and .0) and on the other hand the Asian total (lines .25 and .75), in addition to each team's goal line.
  5. Betting Brand: in the main markets we see the total goals (line .5) and the total Asian handicap goals (lines .0, .25 and .75).
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Goal line bets are one of the most interesting markets, as we can find odds with great value. Most bookies do not differentiate between goal line and total goals, two almost identical concepts that can bring Philippines good profits. The key, as always, is to analyze the possibilities of each team, their states and trends. In fact, some bookies allow Philippines to compare trends in statistics, information that can be very useful to find the best bet.


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