The KYC (Know Your Customer) identification process is a tool used by online gaming operators to verify the identity of their users, guarantee their security and prevent fraud, money laundering or account theft.
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If you have recently registered on a betting house, casino or online poker room, it is easy to come across the initials KYC. They stand for the Know your Customer process, which translates to "Conoce a tus clientes" in Spanish and is one of the measures to prevent fraud and verify the identity of customers. In fact, it is not exclusive to the online gaming operators we have in Philippines but can also be found in operators from other countries, as well as in other types of online businesses.

What is the KYC process

When we fill out the registration form on a betting house or online casino, it asks for personal information such as name and surname or date of birth, among others. To ensure that the data bet by users is true, online gaming operators they need to verify the identity of the players. This need includes the KYC process and among other things serves to ensure that bettors and players are of legal age.

How the KYC process works

The operation of this process is very simple, and it is framed in the player's identity verification process. Thus, the only thing the user has to do is send the documentation requested of him by his online betting house or casino and the operator will take care of the rest. It is one more tool of online gaming operators to detect anomalies in user accounts, protect users and prevent criminal behavior, such as money laundering or theft of game accounts and their illegal use.

Although sometimes it seem like a nuisance, players are the big beneficiaries of this process. We demonstrate to our betting house or online casino operator who we are, and processes are streamlined. In other words, it's like when we enter a physical gaming hall or casino and they ask for our ID. Thanks to measures like this, present in the regulation of online gambling in Philippines, we can enjoy safe online gaming.

Documents required for the KYC process

In most cases, it is sufficient to send your ID card or an equivalent document to verify your identity. However, it is possible that you be asked for an additional document to complete the KYC identification process in online betting and casino. Generally, they will request the following documents:

  • DNI, NIE, Passport or driving license. These are documents with a photo, make sure they are not expired.
  • Proof of your address such as a recent electricity or water bill.
  • Bank statement or copy of the card you used to deposit funds into your account.

When sending these documents, make sure that the image has the correct resolution, that the key data can be read perfectly, and that it is in the proper format (JPG, PNG, or PDF). If you send an expired or incomplete document, or if the image quality is poor and the data cannot be verified, you will be asked to send it again.

KYC identification process and verify account

At this point, you be wondering if the KYC process and account verification are related. Logically, the KYC identification process and verification at online betting houses or casino rooms go hand in hand, since the goal is the same: for the operator to ensure the real identity of the user behind the screen. Remember that you cannot withdraw your winnings until you complete the KYC process, and you encounter other obstacles such as problems with continuing to deposit or even betting certain amounts.


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