How to download the Wanabet app on your mobile or tablet

Any Wanabet user should have the Wanabet app installed on their mobile and/or tablet, an application with which you can make all your sports bets quickly and safely and which is available for Android and iOS.
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Today, any player should have installed on their smartphone or tablet the application of your favorite bookmaker app to bet from anywhere, take advantage of the promotions it offers, and not have to rely on their computer before each event.

If you are one of the many users of Wanabet, you should download their mobile application, which will ensure that you don't miss any bets, especially live bets. As always, the application is completely free.

How to download the Wanabet app

Wanabet offers its app to Android and iOS users, which are the two operating systems that practically dominate 100% of the market. Since the Play Store prohibits betting and online gaming apps, Android users have to download the .apk file from wanabet website and install it after granting the necessary permissions. iPhone and iPad owners have it easier since Wanabet's app is available on the App Store and iTunes.

How Wanabet App works

Once you have installed the Wanabet app on your mobile device, it's time to start using it. The first thing you should know is that if you are not yet a Wanabet user, you can take advantage of the $12 no deposit bonus and up to $200 welcome bonus by registering from the app. Without a doubt, live betting is the app's main attraction, and every time you log in, you will have the best live events to bet on without wasting time. We emphasize that you need to log in every time, as the session is not saved.

wanabet app

To place your prematch bets, we have the menu on the side that takes Philippines to all the events and markets that Wanabet offers, where all sports are included, from classics such as football, tennis, or American football to more exotic or less popular sports such as darts, cricket, or Australian football. In the upper right margin, we have the icon that allows Philippines to access our user area, where we can deposit or withdraw funds, check our bets, manage personal data, etc. The only downside we have is the lack of a casino.

Advantages of the Wanabet application

Although we also have the option to access Wanabet from the browser on our mobile or tablet, the app is optimized to consume less data, which we will appreciate at the end of the month, when data starts to run low. It loads faster than the device's web, but there are other reasons why we will download the Wanabet application to our mobile devices:

  • Faster access speed: the app loads faster, and even if you have to log in every time you use it, you will access your bet faster than in the mobile version.
  • 100% Secure App: The fact that we have to register every time we use the app makes it completely secure. Only you will have access to your account, preventing accidents that can occur if, for example, your child grabs your phone.
  • Real-time information for your live bets: you will have all the necessary information to succeed when betting live.

Remember that it is always preferable to have the session started on a single device rather than on both the computer and the app when betting. Some users have complained about issues when making combined bets, but automatic updates of the application have solved these problems, which should not occur. When a new version appears on Android, you will have to download it if you want to update - iOS does it automatically - but it is an app that is well worth it.

Download the Wanabet App

Place bets from your mobile or tablet with Wanabet and access exclusive bonuses and promotions on live sporting events.

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