How to use the Suertia app on your mobile or tablet

Suertia has launched a new version of its application, which allows Philippines to bet on or follow the broadcasts of its Suertia TV streaming service live. Discover everything that the Suertia app offers Philippines for Android and iOS.
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After a makeover that led to the renewal of its website, Suertia now has a renewed app for playing on smartphones and tablets. It is one more step in the continuous growth process of this betting house, which will allow Philippines to take advantage of any interesting bet.

Thanks to this application, which can be freely downloaded for Android and iOS, you can complete the same actions available on the luck website from your mobile devices: access to the best bets, Suertia TV or management of your funds from anywhere.

How to download the Suertia app

From the same page Sertia website, we can access the "Mobile" section, located next to the promotions, and download it. iOS users will find it in the App Store or iTunes, in addition to the website; but Android users will not find it in the Play Store, which does not offer betting apps. However, we can download the .apk file of Suertia for Android and install it manually granting all permissions -there is no risk- and start playing at Suertia from our mobile devices.

What does the Suertia app offer?

The first thing that will surprise Philippines about the renewed Suertia app is how easy it is to use. In fact, it has many similarities with the website, and as it could not be otherwise, the markets are the same. Thus, when we open the Suertia app, it takes Philippines to live betting, allowing Philippines to quickly access pre-match bets on the most prominent events or those about to start. In the three menus, we can filter by sports, quickly accessing the event and bet we are looking for.

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As expected, you can search for any event to bet on in the menu at Suertia. We must not overlook the direct access to the betting coupon and cash out, so you can immediately close your winning bets from your smartphone or tablet without turning on your computer. As mentioned, it also includes access to Suertia TV to enjoy NBA or Bundesliga, whether it's for live betting, tracking your bets, or simply enjoying a good game.

Advantages of the Suertia app

It goes without saying that any live betting fan should install Suertia's app. These applications are designed primarily for this profile of players. It's no coincidence that the first thing that appears when we open it is live bets. The gaming experience is similar to the web, but much more comfortable and accessible than if we access Suertia from the mobile or tablet web browser. These are the main advantages of the Suertia app:

  • Welcome bonus access.
  • Manage your funds: deposit balance and withdraw winnings using the same methods as on the web.
  • Simple, visual, and intuitive design for quick navigation and accessing the bet you are looking for as soon as possible.
  • Optimize consumption: faster navigation than from mobile device web browser to minimize data consumption.
  • Suertia TV so you don't miss your favorite competitions.

The app is regularly updated to improve performance. If you haven't enabled automatic updates on your device, you will receive a notification. Remember that it's preferable to log in from a single device, as having multiple sessions open on the web and app can prevent Philippines from placing bets. Finally, note that this is an exclusive sports betting app and does not include casino games.

Download the Suertia app

Place bets from your mobile or tablet with Suertia and access live sporting events with exclusive bonuses and promotions.

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