How to download the Sportium app on your mobile or tablet

Sportium has an interesting free application for Android and iOS with which you can bet from anywhere, as well as play online casino. It includes functions such as UNO, the link between your online account and the physical account.
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As of today, not having the application of your bookmaker installed on your mobile or tablet will make you fall behind other players who will take advantage of better odds than you. Installing applications like the Sportium app has only advantages, with the added bonus that they take up very little space in your mobile or tablet's memory. Moreover, you surely have apps that take up more space and are not used as much as sportium's or you not even use them at all, so you have no excuse for not downloading it.

How to download the Sportium app

We can use the Sportium app on Android and iOS. As usual, this app is not available in the Play Store so Android users will need to download it from the Sportium website. In addition, when you access the website from the browser, you will receive a message to download the app, so the download and installation process is a piece of cake. iOS users have it easier, as the Sportium app can be downloaded from the App Store and iTunes, always for free.

How Sportium App works

Once the Sportium app is installed, we open it and even if it's the first time we use it, we'll realize how easy it is to use. At the top, we have the menu with the sports we can bet on, quick links to the live betting and casino sections, and access to our account, from where we can check the bonuses we have available, our balance, make withdrawals and deposits, etc. You'll also see the ticket icon, where you can place your bets.

In the center, we find the menu that will take Philippines to the most outstanding bets, including the special and improved markets of Sportium. In the other tabs, you can access live bets or promotions offered by Sportium, the same ones on the website. Betting is as easy as clicking on the odds and choosing the amount to bet in the quick bet menu, although we can also send the bet to the ticket, for example, if we are going to place a combined bet. We have the same events and markets available on the website.

Advantages of the Sportium application

The convenience of betting whenever and wherever you want is the best feature of the Sportium app. However, we can do the same from the mobile browser or tablet thanks to the mobile version, although it is worth noting that the app runs faster than the mobile version, which also allows Philippines to save data. But beyond the convenience of using the app, there are other reasons why we should download the Sportium application and leave aside the web version adapted to mobile devices:

  • Sportium UNO enables you to link your online sports betting account with Sportium physical locations, allowing you to transfer your balance between accounts, access exclusive promotions for UNO users, locate the nearest physical location, access the data center or Sportium TV on the web.
  • Wide variety of deposit methods, such as credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, Trustly, Skrill, Neteller or Paysafecard, greater than the competition.
  • Includes welcome bonus - if you register from the Sportium app.
  • Includes casino and slots to enjoy a complete gaming experience.

One of the recommendations that cannot be missed is not having your session open at the same time on your mobile and/or tablet and computer, as it can cause errors, especially when placing bets. Sometimes we do this to follow the event in streaming on, but whenever possible we will avoid this duplication. Otherwise, it is a highly recommended app for any Sportium player.

Download the Sportium app

Place your bets from your mobile or tablet with Sportium and access live sporting events with exclusive bonuses and promotions.

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