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Whenever we enter a new slot game, there are a series of elements that we should take into account before playing, such as the type of prizes it offers, the reels, the RTP, or how many paylines the slot machine offers. Ultimately, the number of paylines offered will largely depend on the chances we have of obtaining a prize or of it being larger. You can find this information in the slot's own review or basic information provided by the casino, but it is worthwhile to know about each payline.

What are pay lines?

Paylines are the different lines where you will get a prize when a specific combination of symbols appears as determined by the game developer. For example, if in a 5-reel slot machine we need to align at least 3 cherries, they must appear on the same payline. If the 3 cherries appear but they are on different paylines, we will not receive the prize. This is a very important element, since every slot machine has a different number of paylines.

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Beyond economic prizes, paylines also serve to activate bonuses in each slot machine, such as free spins or advancing towards a higher game or the mini-games so characteristic of slots. It is also important to note that the lower and higher games do not necessarily have the same paylines. You find more paylines in one game than in the other.

How many pay lines are there on the slots?

We can find between 1 and 243 paylines. It's clear that the more paylines there are, the easier it will be to win a prize, although it's also true that prizes are generally larger as the odds of winning decrease. In any case, the slot machine itself informs Philippines of the number of paylines in each game. The information displays the number, and typically 5-reel slots offer more paylines than classic 3-reel slots.

Usually, pay lines go from left to right, horizontally, although there are also some cases where we find them vertically. Line 1 is that of the central rolls, and from there there can be as many pay lines as the developer wants for the slot machine. In slots, a number appears next to the reels. Each number corresponds to a pay line, so we just have to position ourselves above the figure to know the layout of each line, which can include several reel levels.

How to activate pay lines

Depending on the amount wagered, more or fewer pay lines will be activated, but when it comes to slots with 243 pay lines, it's easy for Philippines to be forced to meet a minimum coin bet per spin to be eligible for all pay lines. Typically, this figure ranges from 25 to 50 coins per spin. Before we start playing, we need to adjust the number of coins to play and their value. In some slots, we have a button to activate or deactivate pay lines.

Keep in mind that in slots with many paylines, such as 243-line slots, prizes are obtained regularly, there is not a high volatility and more anxious players will receive prizes frequently but in smaller amounts. They can be a good option to take advantage of a slots bonus, since it is easy to get a reward, although it is clear that everything depends on your player profile and your objective: are you looking to secure or want a bigger prize?


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