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que es el rtp en las tragaperras

When we search for information about any slot, we always come across the acronym RTP alongside a percentage. Behind these three letters lies the English term "return to player rate", which in Spanish would be the player return rate. In other words, it is the percentage of money played that is recovered in the long term in all your bets on a slot machine; and it is a data that we should take into account when deciding on one slot or another. It would be the opposite of House Edge, the casino's mathematical advantage over the game.

How the RTP of slots is calculated

In order to calculate the RTP, the results of the last 1,000 rounds played on a slot machine are taken into account, providing a long-term indicator of what a player can expect from that particular slot. Therefore, if we have a slot with an RTP of 95% and we place 1,000 bets of $1, we can expect to win back $950 while the casino retains $50. The fact that this information is provided for the long-term -1,000 rounds- makes short-term gameplay unpredictable, though higher RTP levels are always beneficial.

This is one of the aspects you should know about a slot machine before playing it, as well as the paylines it has, the reels, the bonuses, etc. Depending on the characteristics of the slot machine, the RTP will be higher or lower, but as a rule they exceed 90%. This is information that you can consult in the analysis of the slot that appears in the information provided by your online casino, and in the case of more serious players, it's a crucial element when choosing one slot or another.

RTP Types

The average RTP is above 96%, so if it is higher we will speak of a good RTP and if it does not reach this percentage it will not be as good. But each slot is different, there are other factors that influence the RTP. Let's get to know the different RTP ranges to evaluate them:

  • RTP between 90.99% and 93.99%: a poor RTP, one of the lowest you can find.
  • RTP between 94% and 94.99%: RTP starts to be acceptable, although it still remains below average.
  • RTP between 95% and 97.99%: we are above average, RTP is starting to be good.
  • RTP over 98%: the RTP is excellent, the slot is player-friendly.

It should be noted that the RTP also influences the type of prizes given by the slot. In most cases, we see that the more frequent the prizes, the smaller they are. Therefore, the higher the RTP, the more prizes but smaller they are, while a lower RTP gives Philippines fewer prizes but they can be bigger. We have already mentioned that this percentage is difficult to determine in the short term, so the player will have to decide whether to take on more risk in exchange for a larger prize.

real examples

Now let's see some real examples of RTP from some of the slot machines that we can find in the vast majority of online casinos:

RTP and progressive slots

In progressive slot machines, the jackpot increases as the game progresses, making the prize bigger and bigger. However, progressive slots usually have an RTP below average, significantly lower than other slot machines. This is because, as we mentioned earlier, in order for the prize to be larger, the player must take more risks, which reduces the chances of winning in those 1,000 games used to calculate the RTP, hence the lower return.


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    Pepe Camino

    The return we can expect from a slot is after 1,000 games. Do those 1,000 games have to be played in a row, or does the machine take into account if you played 300 today, 250 tomorrow, and 450 the day after tomorrow?

    Thank you very much. Best regards.

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