The croupier is in charge of distributing the game in roulette. An essential figure in any live casino, both physical and online. Discover its functions and the characteristics that a good croupier should have.
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The dealer, or croupier, is an essential figure in any casino. If we talk about best online casinos, we see them in live casino games such as roulette, as they will be in charge of organizing and managing the game. In addition to the live roulette of online casinos, in the physical casino we will see them at all roulette tables dealing the game, whereas in conventional online roulette there is no dealer since the game is automatic. As the player is against the machine, they have all the time in the world to place their bets and decide when to spin the roulette.

Dealer functions

A croupier must face different situations, as their main mission is to control and direct the game at their assigned table. Thus, first, the croupier must welcome the players who sit at the table, both in a physical casino and in an live online casino. They are responsible for maintaining customer/player relations and must comply with the casino's protocols for conduct and exposure, acting at all times according to the rules of their casino and the game.

The task of determining the starting direction is a very complex one for the croupier, since roulette is a game that allows for a wide variety of bets. Thus, first of all, the croupier must open the betting round with the cry of "place your bets" and end it with "no more bets". The croupier must ensure that all players make correct bets, placing the bets requested by the players. They are responsible for spinning the ball, announcing and marking the winning number and bets, and paying them after clearing the table of losing bets.

Difference between croupier and dealer

Sometimes the croupier is also referred to as dealer, but although these are two positions that share many similarities, they are not the same thing. The croupier is at the roulette table, while the dealer handles card games like black Jack or poker. In both cases, we are talking about the professional who manages the game at the casino, distributing luck among the players, validating and paying bets, and although they be synonymous, the difference lies in the type of game they attend to.

Characteristics of a good dealer

The work of a croupier is much more complex than many think, as it involves a wide variety of functions. That's why a good croupier must meet certain requirements that allow them to perform their role correctly at the roulette table.

  • A good communicator: if there are no players, the casino doesn't win (neither does the croupier), so one of their missions is to maintain a high pace of action at the table, which requires people skills and communication skills to attract players that not everyone possesses. A good croupier will make the player feel comfortable at the table.
  • Quick decision-making: thinking quickly and analytically is one of the most valued skills in a croupier. If they are able to make quick decisions, the table will run smoothly. Ultimately, the game needs to have a dynamic pace and the croupier must correctly sing and pay out winning bets. If they payout too little, the player will be upset; if they payout too much, the casino will lose.
  • Conflict resolution: often we can encounter problems, such as players getting angry because they lose, not accepting their bet, not really knowing what they have bet on... These are situations that the croupier must resolve as efficiently as possible so as not to disrupt the game of other players.
  • Physical capacity: the job of a croupier is physically and mentally demanding, so croupiers must be in good physical condition to withstand the stress of the game. Let's not forget that they must stand for long periods of time doing the same movements.
  • Languages and good appearance: mastering languages such as English, but also French, Chinese, Arabic, or Russian, can be a plus in tourist areas, where players from all over the world come. Another key to being a good croupier is having a good appearance, which should attract more players.

Tips to the dealer

The croupier profession is well paid as it requires knowledge and skills that not everyone has, not to mention different working hours than a conventional workday. Additionally, croupiers can see their salary boosted by tips, in both physical and online casinos, although not all of the amount goes to them. If you've won, been treated well, or believe in karma, you can leave a tip. Generally, tips are given in the form of chips, and while we won't do it secretly, the whole casino shouldn't know either.


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    I have been a croupier for more than 10 years, and when it comes to tips, you are not correct. You say that they should be given in a way that goes unnoticed, but it is quite the opposite. Clients should be made aware so that it generates a call to action effect, and possibly more clients will start to give tips. Every time a big prize is given in casinos, it should be great publicity for the casino itself, so that clients can see that big prizes are being given. If you need to know anything, do not hesitate to ask me. Thank you.

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    If they pay well

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