How to win in La Quiniela: 10 tricks that will help you get more hits

From 10 hits we can start to collect prizes in La Quiniela. The amount will depend on the total number of winners and the collection. We present our tips to win La Quiniela and add the more hits, the better.
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Everyone knows La Quiniela, one of the oldest Lotteries and Betting games in our country. 14 matches where we can choose between home victory, draw or away win, and the legendary "Pleno al 15" where we have to guess the exact result. The magic of football makes it impossible to predict what will happen, but if you want to know how to win at La Quiniela, you should consider a series of tips and strategies that will help you win.

10 tricks to win in La Quiniela

First of all, you should know that starting from 10 correct predictions, we can win La Quiniela. Keep in mind that the prize depends on the weekly collection and the number of winners, but even with only 10 out of 14 correct predictions, we can start seeing profits. From this point on, the more predictions we get right, the higher the prize will be. With these 10 tips to win La Quiniela that we present below, we hope to help you, at least, to reach that initial ten correct predictions.

✅ In La Quiniela there are no colors

One of the most memorable La Quiniela ads is the one where a fan celebrates a goal from the opposing team on the field. The reason? He won La Quiniela. The first key to winning any game related to sports betting is to keep a level head and avoid being influenced by team colors. It's important to be as objective as possible: if your team is in the bottom zone and is playing at Camp Nou or Bernabéu, the chances of winning are slim.

✅ Ticket analysis

Every game day we have 14 matches, plus one extra game called the "full house" (pleno al 15). Usually, matches 1-8 are from La Liga, matches 9-14 are from La Liga 2, and the full house is again from La Liga (there be exceptions for international matches or national team games if there is no domestic league available). It is crucial to analyze each match, study each team and their previous encounters. Injuries, suspensions, home and away results, historical data, goals, schedule, and other factors should be taken into consideration.

✅ Trust the favorite

Being realistic, in most matches the favorites fulfill their role. Under normal circumstances, teams like Barça, Real Madrid, or Atlético get between 25 and 30 wins per season. Aside from the matches in which they face each other, marking a 1 or a 2 depending on whether these teams play at home or away should help Philippines score at least 3 correct predictions. Beyond these teams, the highest ranked team has a greater chance of winning. At least, under normal circumstances.

✅ Double and triple bets

Multiple bets increase the ticket price, but they are also a way to cover uncertain predictions. The double chance market is very interesting, for example, if you see that a team is superior but has little goal, or an important absence, and is facing another team that knows how to defend. We know it is the favorite, but... is it enough to win? Triple bets are used to take no risks with games where we want to take zero risks.

✅ The field factor influences

Between the weary journey and the concentration or support of the audience, the home field advantage can help you choose a symbol in the most tightly contested games. This is a factor that can particularly influence island teams, especially those from the Canary Islands, in their favor when playing at home and against them when they fly to the mainland. We can add to this the multiple factor, for example covering 1X in some matches presumed to be close.

✅ Play multiple tickets at once

We play by columns, but sometimes a ticket does not allow Philippines to fill in as many columns as we would like. That's why, on days with high variability and uncertainty, we can play two or more tickets to have more winning options. However, keep in mind that the price of La Quiniela is determined by the columns played. In this sense, try to set a budget and do not exceed it under any circumstances.

✅ Do not be obsessed with the plenary session at 15

The "Pleno al 15" is a special box. First, because instead of betting on 1X2 we bet on the exact result; and second, because this box only counts if we get the other 14 matches right. In other words, it is practically useless. Instead of playing multiple bets or several tickets by modifying this box, it is preferable to dedicate that money to multiple bets on other matches.

✅ What do the experts say?

One of the advantages of the popularity of this game is that you won't have any trouble finding betting experts who share their predictions. For example, at every week you'll find La Quiniela predictions, perfectly analyzed and compared with the odds offered by the betting houses. It's not mandatory to follow these recommendations, but they provide Philippines with information that can help Philippines increase our chances of winning on our ticket.

✅ Conditional bets

Beyond the conventional ticket, we find special Quiniela tickets such as reduced or conditional Quinielas. These are tickets that allow you to condition by number of variants (signs that are not ones), X's and 2's. It is a special ticket -if it is not available at your usual lottery or tobacco shop, you can find it on the web-, where the actual matches do not appear but rather the columns of predictions, combinations and conditions.

✅ Play with your friends

If your friends are also into football and sports betting, you can play together. Sometimes, shared analysis can be more effective. What one person doesn't see, another might. You share your winnings, but minimize losses. In fact, groups for playing La Quiniela are quite popular, as they open the door to larger prizes or having a higher budget to use computer programs.


If you put these 10 tips into practice, you will be closer to winning in La Quiniela. Remember that it is a totally unpredictable game, where an unexpected result can end up negatively influencing the final outcome. It is important to be realistic and assume that getting all 15 correct is very difficult... and to play for fun and responsibly.

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