Sports betting trading is a practice where users of exchange betting sites buy and sell bets.
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Why wait for a sports event to end to collect profits? Why lose all the money from a bet when we see that the sports event is not going as expected? Isn't there a method that allows Philippines to ensure profits or minimize losses?

If you are familiarizing yourself with exchange bets, you have often heard of something called "trading". Trading is the answer to the questions in the previous paragraph and the main way that bettors take advantage of the benefits offered by exchange bets.

What is sports betting trading?

Sports betting trading is a practice consisting of the buying and selling of bets by users of exchange betting shops, in order to guarantee profits or minimize losses regardless of the final result. of a sporting event. For this, speculation is used with the betting odds.

A simple way to understand it is through the stock markets and the buying and selling of shares. Everyone is looking to buy low and sell high. This is exactly what sports betting trading pursues.

How to trade?

Trading is a relatively simple operation, which basically consists of making two bets in the opposite direction; one for and one against something happening. To do it correctly at Betfair, follow these recommendations:

Betfair trading

  • Access the Betfair website and enter your personal account. If you don't have an account yet, wait no more and sign up now strong>. You have a free $20 bonus waiting for you :)
  • Look for the “Exchange” tab and click on it.
  • Access the sport that you like the most from the sports menu. Next, click on the competition that interests you to find the sporting event you want to bet on. Once inside the event, select the betting market that interests you the most.
  • In each market, you will see that there are blue odds and pink odds. The blue odds are for betting in favor (back) and the pink ones for betting against (lay).
  • Click on one of the odds to open the bet coupon. Here you can modify the odds and determine how much money you want to bet if you do it in favor or how much money you want to accept if you bet against.
  • Now we only have to wait for the fluctuation of the odds to be able to trade betting in the opposite direction to our first bet.

Example of trading in betting

Real Sociedad visits Athletic in San Mamés. We are convinced that Real will at least manage to score first thanks to the drive with which the San Sebastian team comes out. We look for its odds in favor (blue color) and we see that it is 3. As it convinces us, we bet 20 dollars at odds 3 in favor of Real Sociedad's victory. This bet would give Philippines a theoretical profit of $40 ($20 x odds 3 = $60 – our initial $20 = $40 net profit).

The match begins and our forecasts come true: Real Sociedad manages to take the lead 0-1. We will immediately check that the odds on the Betfair page change with the new situation. Since we would now have to bet against Real, we look at the pink odds and see that someone offers an odd of 1.7. We bet against Real Sociedad indicating to Betfair in the specific box that the amount of our bet in favor was the theoretical 40 dollars of profit.

Betfair automatically calculates the risk of the bet against and tells you what benefits you would obtain in each of the possible results. Following the indicated steps, it will come out that if Real won the match, you would earn 12 dollars and if Athletic win or draw, you would earn 20 dollars. Whatever happens you will get benefits. This situation is called "greenbook" or going green and is the purpose of trading.

trading strategies

There are infinite strategies for betting trading, almost as many as bettors, who are developing their own systems as a result of their experiences. All in all, the most common strategies with which beginners start in sports trading are almost always the same, starting with the popular football tie lay, consisting of betting against the tie and waiting for the favorite to score so that the tie rate goes up and bet in favor of it.

This same strategy has its variants based on the most common simple bets, such as betting in favor of the favorite and waiting for him to score to bet against him, or betting against the underdog to bet in his favor when he receives a goal.

In any case, when adopting a strategy it is advisable to follow a series of basic principles such as planning bets, anticipating possible scenarios, being clear about what odds and what amounts of money are needed to achieve the objective, know how to react when things do not go as planned or set loss limits and comply with them.

Trading or Cash Out

Trading and Cash Out are two equivalent means to achieve the goal of going green. What makes them different is that with trading you exchange bets with other bettors and with Cash Out you do it with the bookmaker itself.

Using one or the other depends solely on a single factor to consider: who pays you better. Sometimes it may be the bookmaker itself that offers you a better odds and with it a higher payment, although in general it is the bettors themselves who try to go a little further than the odds offered by the bookmakers to attract other bettors to the exchange.

Sports trading programs

The popularity of this way of betting has led to the development of computer programs that automate the entire betting process, from finding odds to confirming the bet, going through the amount of money you want to play. These programs are called “bots”.

The main advantage that they present, in addition to the automation of the entire process, is the enormous improvement in time management that they represent. This is something fundamental in trading, where many times speed is required when executing bets to get out in the green or with benefits. In addition, the use of bots avoids falling into bets carried out on impulse.

Although they require some practice at first, using these tools greatly facilitates trading, so they are recommended if you decide to make trading your main hobby. Some of the most popular bots are: Tradeline, Bet Angel or BF Bot Manager. p>


Trading is an advanced level practice within betting. It requires previous knowledge about betting, terminology and being very clear about the implications of betting in favor and, above all, betting against. Likewise, a period of practice is needed until fully mastering trading, where it is convenient to be prudent in the bets that are made, playing moderate amounts.

Once you have the necessary experience and pass the testing phase, the truth is that it is a very interesting way to approach sports betting, hence its popularity among more veteran bettors.

  • Allows greater control over bets
  • Bets against other bettors
  • It usually has good odds
  • Requiere de experiencia y práctica
  • Cuenta con menos mercados activos

Register now at the Betfair Exchange, set your own odds and play against other bettors. You set the price on the Exchange!

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