A pick is a selection or a bet. It can be a personal pick or a tip recommended by a tipster, but in any case, it is essential to have the necessary information about the event to make a good pick.
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One of the most commonly heard words in the world of betting is "pick". Anyone who frequents the scene or follows a tipster has heard of picks, an English word that translates into Spanish as "selección". In reality, a pick is nothing more than that, the selection of a market in a bookmaker, choosing a bet that we are convinced will come through and that we see a lot of value in. That's why bettors share their picks or recommended bets.

What is a pick?

A pick is a bet or forecast that we make in a bookmaker, and that in the case of tipsters they share with their followers through their usual channels. It is a very simple concept since it only refers to the selection we bet on. Thus, a pick can be “Over 2.5 goals”, “Draw” or “Real Madrid HA -1”, but we can also combine picks in a multiple bet, for example “Barcelona and Atlético win”.

How to pick

When an expert shares their forecast, we say they throw a pick but any bettor can make their own picks. You can do them too, and it doesn't hurt to keep track of our picks to analyze our evolution. Whether it's your own pick or that of a tipster, there are a number of elements that we have to pay attention to.

  • Event: the match or competition on which we bet.
  • Market : is the selection we bet on.
  • Quota : how much our selection is paid.
  • Bookie : the bookmaker where we found that pick. Don't forget to compare the odds between bookies to choose the best one.
  • Stake: the amount of money we bet.
  • Pick: the explanation of the forecast, where we will justify why we see value in that selection or selections and not in the opt.

How to know if a pick is good

Are sports betting picks legit? It is the question that many bettors ask themselves, especially those who have been playing for less time. The first thing you should be clear about is that behind each forecast there is a sporting event, where the luck factor has a great influence and anything is possible. No matter how favorite a team or a contender is, the history of sports is full of surprises, unexpected defeats and champions that nobody expected, so it is convenient to be aware that anything is possible, and the picks are not 100% infallible.

Another thing is the quality of the pick, whether typical of a tipster, which is based on information. As we have repeated so many times, information is the key to a bet and we cannot limit ourselves to betting according to the name of the participants. A bad streak, physical problems, the accumulation of matches, the court factor -or surface in the case of tennis- or even the time that is expected are determining aspects. A pick without information is useless, it is tossing a coin. It can work out once, twice or three times, but in the long term it is the road to failure.

It is also important to master the sport or market we are going to bet on. Who more or less can launch a forecast on who will win a football or basketball game, but if we refine and go to specific markets such as bets on corners, the games of a tennis match or the winner of Formula 1 training we will need specific knowledge. Therefore, before following any pick we will read the explanation carefully and based on it and the information we have we will decide whether to follow the forecast or not.


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