The mueBETe platform was born to unite users affected by limitations, account closures or cancellations in various sports betting houses. Back in the day, they filed a class action lawsuit against Bet365.
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"This betting house has closed my account." "My bookie limits the amount I can bet." "I have requested a withdrawal and they keep putting obstacles in my way." These are just some of the most common complaints among betting shops users, especially those who keep winning. Some bookies start playing dirty with certain users, and platforms like mueBETe have risen up against the big names in online gaming to defend bettors.

What is mueBETe?

At first glance, this name not sound familiar to you, but it was well known among the betting enthusiasts affected by these practices. It was a group of experienced bettors severely affected by the restrictions that betting companies applied to their accounts. These restrictions were a result of the lack of profitability these players represented to the bookies, and the group included over 200 sports bets users.

From this platform, they spoke of "constant and increasing abuses and discriminations" by online gambling operators, which led them to file a class action lawsuit against the most important betting houses. Their most publicized action was the lawsuit against Bet365 filed in 2016-2017, although it was not the only one. After denouncing the situation to the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ), they responded that it was a private matter that should be settled by the courts.

MueBETe against Bet365

The platform managed to gather over 200 users in their collective legal action against Bet365. The matter didn't reach a positive outcome and was dismissed -not without some internal controversy-, but it set the first step for many gamblers to individual lawsuits and eventually winning against betting companies in court. It's worth noting that Bet365 was chosen due to being one of the most representative betting companies: well-known and with a significant amount of users.

Abusive clauses in sports betting houses

MueBETe's complaints are related to what they consider to be abusive clauses that are included in the general registration conditions. It is worth remembering that when we register with a betting company or at online casinos, we accept and sign a contract that includes these general conditions. Although not everyone does it, we should read this contract before completing the registration, as it includes clauses such as those that allow the betting company to limit or even cancel the user's account.

As mueBETe pointed out, these conditions only apply to players with the most success in betting houses. Accounts of users who register losses are not closed, but those of users who achieve months and months of winnings. Several courts have ruled in favor of affected bettors who complained individually.

From the betting houses, they remember that users have implicitly or explicitly accepted the different conditions of use and all their clauses at the time of formalizing the registration and accepting the operator's T&C. For its part, the DGOJ has pointed out on numerous occasions that its function is limited to verifying that the conditions of these contracts are met. The assessment of whether the clauses included are abusive or not is left in the hands of the justice system.

Brian Dekker
Brian Dekker

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    Hello, can someone help me 15 days ago I registered at a casino called (name removed) I had been accessing for a week without any problem, until I recommended the casino to a friend, she registered and my account was automatically blocked, both the hers as well as mine. It was probably because we both use the same internet provider, I have contacted and they do not want to return my money or access the account, can someone help me in this case

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      The casino you mention does not have a license and therefore cannot legally operate in the Philippines. If you are not from the Philippines, we recommend that you contact the agency in your country in charge of regulating gambling.

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    Hello!! I'm the same. For playing slots, they closed it to me in 2019 and they told me and continue to say "it is a decision of the utmost discretion of the bet365 board of directors".
    Today I tried to reopen it again and they told me exactly the same thing. They give no reason.

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      They also closed my account without giving me an explanation why, it will be because I won two days in a row, but they don't see the number of times I've lost.
      They are SCAMMERS

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    I won 450$ on roulette at betfair and they won't let me withdraw the money, can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

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    Good afternoon, I've been betting with bet365 for a while now and everything was fine until today. I had a bet on the Australian A league, where Wellington was winning 2-0 in the 59th minute. The terms and conditions stated that if your team is winning by 2 goals, the bet is considered won. I've won many bets like this before.
    Today, I placed a bet of 700 dollars at odds of 1.90, but bet365 marked it as lost. When I contacted the chat support, they told me that the Australian A league doesn't qualify for that offer, even though it is stated in the terms and conditions. I contacted them again and they were laughing at me for 2 hours. They told me to wait while they reviewed my bet, and after 2 hours, they said they will forward it to the control department and respond to me by email within 72 hours. The 1330 dollars that I was supposed to receive after the game finished at 5am is still not in my account.

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    Juan Torres

    This is my case:

    On 28th May 2022 I won a bet on the Uefa Champions League Final, after I won bet365 proceeded to block my account and since then I can't login to my account or withdraw my winnings .
    After that match they asked me to verify my account (they never asked me before, they only did it when I won the bet), and I sent my ID and other documents and the reason they said they blocked my account was because proof of address It was in another name and not mine, I explained to them that this was because I live in a rented house, so the invoices are not in my name but in the names of the owners.

    Well, after a few weeks I was able to send them another proof of my credit card bill address, after that They said everything was ok with my account now, but I still couldn't log into my account, after that i have sent them multiple emails through all these months and they said i need to get to the chat tool to resolve this, the problem is that the chat tool is maliciously programmed so it restarts every time after many minutes waiting on the waiting list, I've tried to chat several times and it's always the same, the chat tool restarts, I was only able to chat like 2 times and they treated me badly, they pretended they didn't understand what I was talking about and made fun of me with evil I try, but the other times (approx 30 plus times) I've tried to chat, the tool always restarts after 20 minutes or more waiting on the list. I even have a video of this as proof.
    I have sent them the video and explained the whole problem, but they keep saying that the only way to contact support to resolve this is via chat.

    So they have my gambling winnings and won't let me withdraw them. Right now it's been over 3 months since I submitted the claim via email and they still have my account blocked.

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    I am no longer allowed to deposit money, and I am not even a professional or a high earner; I simply gambled, did well, and now all types of payment are rejected.

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    Juan Pablo

    Bet365 changed my bet today on the Super Cup match. I had a bet that Benzema would have more than 0.5 shots on target and when he scored, they changed it to more than 1.5 shots. Crazy!

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    Antonio Mancebo

    I have reported them to the DOGJ, and I also reported them to the police. They claim that I cheated using robots to play, it's unbelievable. I'm going after them.

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    Luis Raúl campos

    Hi, how are you? I read his arguments, something similar happened to me. P>

    The platform let me bet on what my account was verified,
    So I put my voter identification card, and I sent a water receipt but the receipt was not in my name why. I rent there and they blocked my account, the bad thing is that I already had earnings of 2 thoPhilippinesnd pesos

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      What is crazy is depositing money with your account through PayPal, having your account blocked without having played and not being able to withdraw your money.

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    Antonio Mancebo

    Hello, I deposited 600 dollars into betfair without using any bonuses. I played and won and lost some money, and eventually my balance was at 900 dollars. I withdrew 600 dollars and kept the remaining 300, which I then turned into 1170. I withdrew my funds at night only to be told the next day that my account has been blocked due to alleged violation of terms and conditions, which is false. They did not give me any explanations and permanently closed my account while keeping my money. What can I do? Thank you.

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