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The head to head bet consists of pairing two contestants in a sports competition to bet on who will obtain the best result, regardless of whether he is the final winner.
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Today I'm putting football aside to explain a very simple strategy that you can implement in tennis. It's called Head to Head and it's closely related to something I often emphasize to beginners, data. Information is power and whenever we can use it to our advantage, the better.

I am not talking about confidential information or anything like that, but rather about information that is within our reach. Studying a team's winning streak, injured players, their trend of wins/draws/losses, and other data is essential. The same goes for the Head to Head in tennis.

What is the Head to Head strategy?

Reviewing the history of rival matches for a specific game is key. This can be greatly helpful as it allows you to know their previous results and physical condition. This isn't cheating and everyone can use this technique. It's simply playing with the advantage of information that's available to us.

Let's use the example of Nadal playing against Del Potro. What we should do is look at the history of their past matches. If Nadal has won four out of their last five matches, the Spaniard is a high possibility. This indicates that he has the measure of the Argentinean.

But in this case, it's not just about the results. The information we need to consider is also the physical condition of both players. Especially since we know that Rafa Nadal is struggling with injuries. Therefore, another variant comes into play in this strategy.

Remember that checking the history is important, but you also need to control many other aspects. Don't leave everything to chance and rely on statistics, surely your chances of success will increase. Are you ready to implement this strategy?


Brian Dekker
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