Best of Botemania
  • Demo version to test almost all games
  • Combines casino, poker, slots and bingo
  • Free games after your first deposit
  • Keno and Major/Minor
Brian Dekker
Brian Dekker Gambling expert
"One of the most complete online game rooms. In addition to the usual slot machines, roulette wheels, and blackjack, bingo, poker, keno or major/minor are added."

Botemania is one of the most complete portals we can find in the gaming sector. On one hand it includes an interesting casino with all the essential games in a game room, and on the other we find online bingo. Behind Botemania is the Gamesys Group, a British company with extensive experience in the gaming sector and which once received the corresponding license from the AGCO. Like many other British operators, the base of its Spanish division is in Gibraltar.

Next, let's take a look at all that Botemania has to offer, from their bonus to the wide range of games and customer service, all based on our experience as users. As always, we welcome your feedback on Botemania at the end of the analysis.

Our experience with Botemania


With over 60 different games, at first glance we might think that Botemania's website could become confusing. However, one of the first things we notice when entering this operator's website is that it is very well designed, easy to access and navigate. It is highly functional and intuitive, with great gameplay.

We have already highlighted the variety of games offered by Botemanía, but let's take it step by step. The over 60 titles available at Botemania are divided between the casino, where classic games like roulette, blackjack, and slots are available, a poker room, and bingo with all its variations. Additionally, keno and higher/lower games are also available. This wide variety of games makes Botemania a benchmark, as there are few online gaming portals with such a broad offer as we have here.

Another aspect to consider about Botemania are the different promotions it offers us. We have periodic promotions and others in the longer term, promotions on social networks, or the daily jackpot. In addition, it has a series of free games with which we can discover how this page works. Furthermore, it offers Philippines daily free spins, with which we can win real money.

Lastly, it should be noted that Botemania accepts many payment methods, something that is always appreciated and is a plus when choosing one portal over another. Next, we will go into detail about each of these points, but not before highlighting the interesting customer service that Botemania offers us.

Games offer

If the game selection of Botemania is known for something, it's for the variety that includes timeless classics in an online casino, slot machines, poker rooms, and an online bingo hall with all its versions. If that's not enough, you also have the Keno or Higher Lower, two uncommon games in Spanish online casinos but always interesting.

✅ Roulette

Talking about a casino is talking about roulette, and at Botemania we find different types of roulette. European and live roulette could not be missing, but we also find other options such as high stakes roulette, splendid roulette or a multiplayer roulette with golden streets. Each roulette has a different minimum bet and maximum winnings, as well as a chat to share your experience with other players.

✅ Blackjack

After roulette, blackjack is another must-have for any online casino, and at Botemania we have a couple of tables to hit 21 and defeat the bank. One is the remastered blackjack and the other is a first-person virtual blackjack.

✅ Slots

Slots or slot machines are a common feature in most online gaming halls, and Botemania is no exception. We have dozens and dozens of slots to play and win jackpots that are renowned for growing and growing -check out the Winners gallery to see for yourself-. Additionally, we can play in demo mode to familiarize ourselves with the slot machine before starting to play with real money.

✅ Poker

At Botemania, we can play poker, but not just any version. We have the opportunity to challenge the banker in Caribbean poker, one of the most exciting poker variations that exist. If you prefer more classic versions of poker, we have two different versions of video poker. Poker is usually one of the great absences in these portals, so its presence is appreciated.

✅ Bingo

But if there is something we especially like about Botemania, it's the bingo. It's one of the most popular games on this platform, a classic that never goes out of style, which everyone has played at some point and that allows Philippines to win interesting prizes with a fairly low investment. Let's get to know the different bingo modalities it offers us:

  • SuperBingo: Classic version of bingo, with 90 balls and cards starting from 0.01$ - and even for free. With prizes for 1 and 2 lines, bingo and progressive jackpot.
  • Tiki: another 90-ball bingo, with cards starting from 1 cent and prizes for 1 and 2 lines, bingo, and the super jackpot.
  • RapiBingo: is the fastest version of the game. There are 75 balls in the drum, the card costs 10 cents and there is a prize for the bingo, as well as a progressive jackpot.
  • Bingote: a 75-ball bingo game with cards at 10 and 50 cents, with prizes for bingo, progressive jackpot and super jackpot. In addition, it automatically checks the cards.

Accepted payment methods

Botemania allows Philippines to use the most popular payment methods. Therefore, when making our deposits we can use our VISA or MasterCard card -but not CityBank or Maestro-, Neteller, PayPal, PaySafeCard or Entropay virtual Visa cards. The minimum deposit is always 10$, although the maximum varies depending on the chosen payment method. Each player can deposit up to 5,000$ in one day.

Method Deposit Retreat
Min.: $10
Commission: 0%
Process: Immediate
Min.: $10
Commission: 0%
Process: Max. 3 days
neteller Min.: $10
Commission: 0%
Process: Immediate
Min.: $20
Commission: 0%
Process: Max. 3 days
paypal Min.: $10
Commission: 0%
Process: Immediate
Min.: $10
Commission: 0%
Process: Max. 1 days
paysafecard Min.: $10
Commission: 0%
Process: Immediate
Min.: $20
Commission: 0%
Process: Max. 1 days
entropay Min.: $10
Commission: 0%
Process: Immediate
- Min.: $20
Process: 3-10 days

We can also use our bank card, Neteller, PayPal, or PaySafeCard for our withdrawals, in addition to requesting a bank transfer. Depending on the chosen method, we will have to reach a minimum amount to be able to request the withdrawal of our earnings, and the waiting time also varies.

How to register and deposit?

Signing up for Botemanía is very simple. Just go to their website and in the upper right corner you will see the "Register" button. Then you will have to complete three screens: one with your basic personal information, another with the username and password chosen to play on Botemanía, and another with the rest of your personal information. From that point on, Botemanía will verify your account and you can start playing.

how to register on botemania

But before that, we need to make our first deposit, so we go to our user section and select the option to deposit funds. All you have to do is register your credit or debit card or select one of the other payment methods that Botemania allows Philippines to use and choose the amount to deposit starting from 10$. Even if you register multiple bank cards, you can only have one active.


We can affirm emphatically that Botemania is one of the safest gaming salons that exists. They have the corresponding license from the AGCO, on their website we see logos for safe gaming and self-exclusion, and they have an encryption system that guarantees the confidentiality of your personal and banking data. When making a deposit with a card, they also verify that it is you making the payments.

It goes without saying that minors under 18 are prohibited from registering at Botemania, and their gaming system is based on a random number generator, the best guarantee that we will enjoy fair play in all the modalities they offer, avoiding cheats and scams. If it were not the case, it would not have the license from the AGCO.

Software/mobile app

As it couldn't be otherwise, Botemania has an interesting app that you can download for free both for Android and iOS. iOS users can download the .apk file from Botemania's own website, where we can also find the link to download the app for our iPhone or iPad, which is also available on the App Store or iTunes. The mobile version is quite powerful, but it is always preferable to use the app, which also allows Philippines to save data.

Customer Support

If you have any doubts or problems, you can contact Botemania's customer service through live chat, the toll-free phone number 900 811 660, or email. To do this, simply go to the "Help" section of Botemania, where some frequently asked questions from users and a search engine for doubts also appear. If you choose to email, you will see a form that you need to fill out and send for them to respond through your email.

  • Email
  • Telephone: 900 811 660
  • Live Chat

Botemania: opinions and conclusion

At this point, all that remains is to take stock of our experience at Botemania. And the first thing we will say is that it has surpassed all of our quality, interest and safety filters.

Among the things we like the most, the wide range of games offered stands out above all else, including poker and various bingo modes, which are often difficult to find in other gaming halls. Not to mention Keno and higher/lower bets, which are practically unavailable in other online casinos.

But not only do we find many options to play, but we can also play in demo mode practically everything, which allows Philippines to enjoy the gaming experience without risking our money and familiarize ourselves with the different games before investing our money and start playing with real money.

We also liked the promotions they offer, especially the daily ones. Lastly, we highlight the minimum deposit of 10$, an affordable amount, and the different methods we have to make our deposit. Of course, there are also things to improve, such as the lack of an app -compensated with the mobile version, although it is not the same-.

In short, Botemania is one of the gaming operators that has gradually made a name for itself in the Spanish gaming sector, even offering 40 million dollars to sponsor FC Barcelona. It is a reputable platform with a clear growth trend and provides all the necessary guarantees for a fun gaming experience.


One of the most complete online gaming lounges. In addition to the usual slot machines, roulette, and blackjack, there is also bingo, poker, keno or higher/lower.

Live Casino
Payment Methods
Customer Support
  • Demo version to test almost all games
  • Combine casino, poker, slots and bingo
  • Free games after your first deposit
  • Keno and Hi-Lo
  • Live casino very weak
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    30 balls losing all and when they take your money they already come out, don't play

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    Jose Manuel

    Not bad except why the customer service is pathetic
    And why do they double the charges to your card and only go up one? They return it to you after a week and they don't want to know anything about it, it's a bank problem, they say. And his name always appears in the transactions that take me out of the bank and then return me. They would have to be responsible if customers are charged for showing up if their name doesn't matter to them

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