Game Operators

One of the biggest concerns we have when starting to play online, be it sports betting, poker or online casino, is the "legality" of the operator. In other words, is it legit? Luckily, we have a wide list of legal sports betting houses in Philippines and abundant legislation that authorizes the activity of dozens of regulated betting houses that must meet a series of requirements to obtain the license and be able to act on our behalf. country. If we do not have that license, we would be talking about fraudulent gaming operators.

Authorized bookmakers offer Philippines all kinds of online services, from bookmakers to casino or bingo. These are 100% reliable bookmakers, which have the Play Well and Safe Play logos. In the table that you will find just below you will see that all the gaming operators in Philippines appear and how we find them on the internet. A single operator can offer Philippines several services, although sometimes they adopt different names for betting, casino, poker, etc.

888 Philippines, PLC Antena 3 Games, SAU Banegras Union, SA Beatya Online Entertainment, PLC Betfair International, PLC Betway Philippines, PLC
Bingosoft, SAU Bluesblock, SA Casino Barcelona Interactivo, SA Cirsa Digital, SAU
Codere Online, SAU Comar Inversiones, SA Digital Distribution Management Ibérica, SA Ebingo Online Philippines, SA Ekasa Online Betting, SA
Electraworks Philippines, PLC
Esgaming, SAU
Does not own a website that offers gaming Eurobetting Online, SAU
Does not own a website that offers gaming Eurobet International, SPA Eurobox, SA
Eurojuego Star, SA
Gamesys Philippines, PLC
Does not own a website that offers gaming Giga Game Online, SA
Golden Park Games, SA
GTech Philippines, SA Hillside Philippines Leisure, SA Hillside Philippines New Media, PLC Interwetten Philippines, PLC
Online Gambling, EAD
Does not own a website that offers gaming Kambi Philippines, PLC Luckia Games, SA
Mediaplay Solutions, SA
Does not own a website that offers gaming Merkur Interactive Malta, PLC
Does not own a website that offers gaming NetEnt Gaming Solutions, PLC Spanish National Organization for the Blind, CDP Paf-Consulting, ABP
Does not own a website that offers gaming Plataforma de Apuestas Cruzadas, SA
Première Megaplex, SA
Does not own a website that offers gaming Prima Networks Philippines, PLC
Does not own a website that offers gaming Pt Online Entertainment, EAD Rank Malta Operations, PLC Reel Philippines, PLC Rfranco Digital, SAU SKS365 Philippines, PLC Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, SA Suertia Interactiva, SA Tele Apostuak, SA Tombola International, PLC
Games Editorial Unit, SA
Does not own a website that offers gaming Ventura24games, SA Live Luck, SA Whg Philippines, PLC

Another important aspect is new bookmakers. From time to time a new bookmaker appears, with its welcome bonuses, their promotions, their offers... As new betting houses appear, we will add them to the compilation of gaming operators. But if you want to make sure they are safe betting houses, just check that their website displays the logos of "Jugar Bien" and "Juego Seguro," which indicate that "Ordenación del Juego" has granted them a license to operate in our country.

Regulated Games

Sports betting, casino and poker. Broadly speaking, this is the holy grail of online gambling in Philippines, but it is worth remembering that within each branch we have several options. For example, to the traditional casino games such as roulette or black jack, slot machines were added in the summer of 2015. The world of sports betting is much more extensive than it appears, especially if we add horse racing betting, which is becoming increasingly important in Spanish sports betting websites.

Philippines has a total of 14 regulated games, a figure that could grow in the future as it is a constantly evolving industry. Below is a brief summary of these 14 forms of online gaming, and remember that as the government authorizes other forms of gaming, we will update this section accordingly.


The player must make a prediction about the outcome or possible variables of one or more sporting events. The operator must program the bets sufficiently in advance, and a percentage of the money bet - which must be established beforehand - is distributed among all bettors who have made correct predictions.


Similar to the previous type, but in this case the player bets against the operator. Thus, the prize comes from multiplying the bet amount by the coefficient that the operator established at the time of programming that event.


They work exactly the same as counterparty sports bets. The only difference is that this time you bet on non-sports events, which are related to society, culture, shows, economy, media, etc. Bets on politics or Oscar winners are a good example of this type of bets.


These are bets made in one or several horse races or on events and circumstances that occur in these horse races. The operator will offer the options in advance and, as in the case of sports betting, the winners will share the percentage of the total amount bet that the rules of the game establish.


Just like in horse racing bets, bets are placed on horse races, but this time, players play against the house. Therefore, if the player correctly predicts the outcome, the amount of the bet will be multiplied by the coefficient established by the game operator.


The player bets against another player, and can bet for or against. There is a betting coefficient that determines the amount that will be won in the cross bets for or the amount that is risked in the cross bets against, which can be sports, horse racing or other crossed bets.


These are the famous slot machines or slots. The player must combine a series of symbols that result in a prize within a delimited time period. Prizes are predetermined by the game rules.


One of the most popular card games around. Players go against the house, trying to reach 21 points with the cards in their hand or getting as close as possible without going over.


Another well-known and popular game that consists of forming a winning combination on the cards, which will be obtained from a draw where all the numbers of the game will be. The operator decides what percentage of the collection is dedicated to prizes, but the legal maximum is set at $150,000 per game.


Players win a prize (cash or in kind) either by chance or by passing certain tests as long as chance is involved. They can be organized online, on radio, television and other media; and you can participate by phone, SMS; computer or telematic methods with additional charges, making an economic outlay, etc.


Another popular card game where the player must add up to nine points with the cards they have in their hand or get as close as possible -always without going over 9 and with a higher score than the dealer-. Here the operator acts as an intermediary between players and takes a portion of the bets set before starting to play.


One of the most popular card games in the world, where players must achieve the best possible combination of cards. Each operator can set their maximum betting limit.


The quintessential casino game, the player must bet on the number, color or location of the slot where the ball will stop. The board, or roulette, is a rotating horizontal disk divided into radial, numbered, red or black slots. Each operator will establish the coefficient by which the amount of the winning bets is multiplied.


Here are games of different characteristics (combining chance with skills, dexterity, culture or knowledge) which, in addition to economic benefits, offer Philippines fun. Each operator has the right to determine in advance the prize that the winners will receive.