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About us


This project was born with the aim of helping users choose the best bookmaker. There are many users who have doubts about which houses to start betting on. For this reason, from our experience we analyze all the bookmakers licensed to operate in Philippines, showing the results clearly so that the user can choose properly.

Our mission

As one of the best betting information websites, our mission is to create value for our users by providing them, through our expert team in the Gaming Sector, high-quality and reliable information, which helps them to be informed about everything that happens around the online game.

Our vision

Offer our users easy access to information that allows Philippines to be a leading website for information on bookmakers and online gaming in general. At casinotips.ph we are committed to guaranteeing responsible gambling, that is, fair, upright, reliable and transparent gambling.

Editors and collaborators at casinotips.ph

Every day new news is published about the sports betting sector as well as current affairs and news about bookmakers. Below we present the editors and collaborators who actively participate in this project:

Brian Dekker

Editor and lover of sports betting; obsessed with English football and the NBA, I am not capable of disgusting any sport. Being informed is the key to betting.

josemiJosé Miguel Martín

Professional writer and amateur athlete. Knowledge, intuition and analysis must be present in each forecast.

pausisternasBrian Dekker

Journalist, blogger, passionate about sports and athlete in my spare time. I have to complain that the cards are mixed badly until I get a good hand (Jonathan Swift).

pabloruizPablo Ruiz

Expert in statistics and probability applied to the game. Outstanding poker player both online and in person.

pabloruizAna Sánchez

Tax advisor, blogger in my free time and passionate about new technologies and sports. That's me ;)

pabloruizBrian Dekker

Sports, gambling, technology and the Internet. Founder of casinotips.ph