Which are the bookmakers that do not limit?

One of the concerns of users who have been betting for a while is to find bookmakers that do not limit. Do they exist in Philippines? Are they legal? What limit do bookmakers apply in Philippines?
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Betting shops que no limitan

When anyone registers at a betting house, they do it with one goal in mind: to win. It's clear that responsible gaming is gaming for fun, to add more excitement to your favorite sports. But we also want to earn some extra money with sports bets. However, there comes a point where we encounter certain limitations. This will lead Philippines to search for bookmakers that don't limit. And this is where that red line appears that we shouldn't cross.

Why do bookmakers limit?

Before discussing non-limiting betting houses, we must ask ourselves how we got to this situation. As you know, as a general rule, we bet against the betting house. This means that if you win, the betting house loses. Although there are bookmakers like marathonbet or efbet who apply a 0% margin, all of them take a small margin with your bets. Nevertheless, every bet won by a player is money lost by the bookmaker. In a way, they limit to protect their interests.

Let's keep in mind that, if they were not limited, we could find that betting houses would not have enough capacity to pay certain bets. This practice also allows betting houses to protect themselves against erroneous odds, large bets on competitions that are not very well known but that the user controls, etc. At the same time, gambling legislation establishes certain limits to prevent risky behavior that can lead to addiction.

Let's remember that when we register with any bookie, we accept their terms and conditions. In this fine print, which realistically 99% of bettors don't read, it specifies the possibility of being limited. However, there is no standard criterion for limiting users. The general limits of maximum bets are tangible and common to all users. But the limitation on so-called high-rollers is left to each operator.

What bookmakers do not limit?

This situation leads experienced gamblers, those who could be classified as professional or semi-professional, to search for bookmakers that do not limit their bets. And they often come across Asian bookmakers. These are a series of bookies that operate outside the law because they do not comply with the regulatory rules of gambling in Philippines. Therefore, they do not have the corresponding license from the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) necessary to operate in Philippines.

For this reason, it is not advisable to use these illegal betting houses. Not only do they lack authorization from the AGCO, they also do not comply with regulations in other European jurisdictions, as well as countries or territories that have a regulatory body or gaming commission such as Colombia, Mexico, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Nevada, etc.

The main reason for betting with these illegal operators is that they are unlimited betting houses. Or, in case they do have limits, they apply much more lax ones than the ones we can find in Philippines or in neighboring countries. However, living outside the law leaves the player in a situation of total vulnerability to fraud or abuse. In case of any problems, their complaints will not be covered.

No Limit Bookmakers

As usually happens, there is an exception to this situation: exchange betting houses. If we bet against the bookie in a conventional operator, in these betting houses, also known as crossed bets, we bet against another user. In this case, the betting house remains a mere intermediary and takes its commission, but is not affected by the result of the bet. For this reason, limits are practically non-existent.

This betting modality is perfectly regulated by the AGCO, although Betfair Exchange is the only cross-betting house we can find in our country. In the past, there were alternatives such as Carcaj, whose trajectory was fleeting. So, our advice if you are looking for non-limiting betting houses is to try Betfair Exchange and never play in unlicensed betting houses in Philippines.

Bookmakers with high limits

Given the situation, instead of searching for bookmakers that don't limit, we can review the fine print of operators authorized by the AGCO in search of bookmakers with higher limits. To save you this work, at casinotips.ph we have read the T&C of the many bookies operating in our country, and we present to you the bookmakers with the highest limits in Philippines, always with a license from the AGCO.

Bet365 Not indicated $2,000,000 $500,000 (NBA) $100,000 (Euroleague, ACB) $500,000 (ATP) $250,000 (WTA)
Betfair $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $250,000 (NBA) $200,000 (ATP and WTA)
Betway $500,000 $500,000 $250,000 (NBA $100,000 (Euroleague, ACB) $250,000 (ATP and WTA)
pokerstars Not indicated $1,000,000 $250,000 (NBA) $50,000 (Euroleague, ACB) $250,000 (ATP and WTA)
codere Not indicated $500,000 Not indicated Not indicated
888sport $250,000 $250,000 $100,000 (NBA) $50,000 (Euroleague, ACB) $150,000 (Grand Slam) $75,000 (ATP and WTA)
Bwin Not indicated $250,000 $250,000 (NBA) $100,000 (Euroleague, ACB) $100,000 (Grand Slam)
*Major European leagues, Champions League, Europa League, Libertadores, World Cup, Euro Cup, Nations League, Copa América... There be changes depending on the bookie.

In conclusion, in Philippines we do not find betting houses that do not limit beyond cross bets. However, the different authorized operators to operate in our country have high limits for the average player. With more than 40 licensed bookmakers in Philippines, we have plenty of options to play recreationally without having to worry about the limits applied by bookmakers.

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