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Any eSports fan knows the acronym LoL. The League of Legends has become the most important online game in the world, and as a result, it is one of the highest-grossing games in the realm of eSports. The secret to its success lies in the combination of real-time gameplay speed with role-playing elements, which have made League of Legends the favorite game of gamers from all five continents.

In this guide we are going to explain how to play LoL, the bets you can find and we are going to meet the favorites of a fully professionalized game.

How to play League of Legends

In a game of League of Legends, two teams of five players face each other. Each of them has champions with various skills and abilities (we have up to 134 champions to choose from), and the goal is to destroy the opposing team's Nexus, located next to their base. The two teams start the game on opposite sides of the map, and on the way to the opposing team's Nexus they will encounter various obstacles, both neutral and the opposing team's champions or minions; enemies you will have to kill.

All games are played on a single map, and each matchup is usually best-of-3, although there are tournaments or events that play best-of-5. Each time a team destroys their opponents' Nexus, they score one point, and it starts again. During the game, the two teams can also reach a series of objectives that will allow them to accumulate resources that they can use to reinforce and improve their champions.

League of Legends bets

The most popular bets on League of Legends are the bets on the winner of the match, which is also known as the Money Line. Before the game starts, the bookmaker offers Philippines a quota for the victory of each team according to their level and their record of victories and defeats. If the team you have bet on wins the game, your bet is a winner; if he loses, you lose too. However, other markets are often offered and are also successful.

For example, we can bet with a handicap on LoL, taking advantage of the fact that the games are played to the best of 3 or 5 series. We can also bet that a team wins a map within a series or that the favorite team wins the series or lose a single map. Another fairly common bet in League of Legends is over/under betting on the total number of deaths in a game. Esports bookmakers usually set the line at 50.5, and the bettor only has to choose if there will be more or less deaths.

Finally, we must talk about the tournament winner bets, in which the player can bet on the team that will win the title. Among the tournaments offered for betting are the League of Legends Championship Series, the LoL Pro League, the LoL Master Series or the World Championship, the League of Legends world championship. These are events in which professional teams participate, one of the characteristics of LoL.

Where to bet on League of Legends?

There are many betting shops but there are four betting shops that include sports and specifically League of Legends bets, so the league of legends betting pages that we would have available would be:

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LoL Betting Strategy

As in any other bet, when betting on League of Legends it is essential to know the game well, the market we are betting on and the two teams that are facing each other. Without this prior knowledge, it is very difficult to bet in a rational and coherent way, no matter how much the odds clearly favor one of the teams. For this reason, before betting, it is necessary to evaluate the performance of the team as a whole but also of each individual player, team rotations and communication between players.

We have said that LoL is a team game, so communication is essential. That is why teams with all members from the same country tend to work better, or who share their mother tongue, since otherwise communication problems may appear that negatively affect the game. You also have to evaluate the rotation between players on the map when facing the attack on the enemy, one of the keys to winning in League of Legends.

You also have to know the line-ups of the two teams well. Not all champions and heroes have the same abilities, and a very effective lineup against one team may not work against another, which could end up tipping the game in favor of the underdog. We cannot ignore the evolution during the game. Some champions improve as the game progresses while others remain stagnant, and that can be key when it comes to getting your League of Legends bets right.

Favorites in League of Legends bets

Without a doubt, the Korean teams are the great dominators of the League of Legends. If there is a player on an individual level that stands out above all it is Faker, also from South Korea. In recent years Smeb has been his great rival, but in more than five years he has been unable to dethrone him. Faker is the great star of LoL and SK Telecom T1, the best team in the world, which is also from the Asian country.

Beyond South Korea we can talk about TSM, the dominant team in North America -which has the Danish Bjergsen in its ranks- of G2 in Europe. Even so, both TSM and G2 are still far behind the teams we found south of the 38th parallel, and any team from South Korea would be favorites against either TSM or G2. Something similar happens with Bjergsen: he is very skilled and capable of standing up to almost any player, including the South Koreans, but he still has to improve if he wants to beat Faker.

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